Figment and Dreamfinder

In Which Jenn Digs Up Vintage Figment Merch

What is it with my parents and hiding amazing vintage Walt Disney World souvenir banks from me?!  Back in the end of May there was a pretty serious series of rainstorms in my area, which brought flooding with it. My parents, in their place in NC at the time, were concerned about the state of the basement in their Maryland house, so they called me up and asked me to drive over and have a look. There I am, stomping around the basement looking for puddles, my cell phone flashlight on because the bulb in the hanging light has...

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Cinderella Castle

In Which Jenn Goes To Walt Disney World In 1990

My mom recently sent me an email informing me that she had found an old photo of us together at Walt Disney World in 1990. Naturally I immediately requested a scan. Apparently 4 year old me wasn’t that impressed? I certainly don’t look too thrilled. Dig my mom’s stylin’ Mozart t-shirt, though. I think we can all agree that this was taken in the Magic Kingdom, probably somewhere in Fantasyland – I’m thinking near the back entrance of the castle but I wouldn’t swear to it. Any more specific theories out there? Don’t forget, you can¬†follow FRoA on Twitter...

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