Runner's World is surprised by classical music

Try My Classical Music Running Playlist

The last Runner’s World issue was dedicated to music. Among the many articles on its (tremendous!) importance was a small feature detailing what music the magazine’s subscribers tend to jam to most often on their runs. The editors expressed their surprise by how often Beethoven was cited as a driving force. Me? Not even! People talk about growing up in a Beatles or a Stones family. I grew up in a Classical Music Only family. If my mom was in the car, we listened to classical music. With my dad we occasionally listened to some classic rock, but he...

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Fantasia 2000 Flamingo

In Which Jenn Cheers Herself Up With A New Disney Dress

Ugh, fine. Here’s the post I was gonna write before I was so rudely sidetracked. Back in simpler(?) times, before the mass cancellation of runDisney race weekends, I elected to cheer myself up with a new dress from the Disney Dress Shop. Disney was offering 30% off all orders for Annual Passholders and it seemed the time to strike. So I indulged myself in the purchase of a super-cute yellow dress featuring the flamingo from Fantasia 2000. As has been previously documented, I absolutely adore Fantasia 2000, and the flamingo’s tale that goes with Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals¬†finale...

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Rhapsody in Blue

In Which Jenn Is Way Into Fantasia 2000’s Rhapsody in Blue

Did you wake up this morning and immediately think to yourself, “Gosh, I sure wish I knew more about the ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ segment of Disney’s Fantasia 2000“? Then do I have a post for you! It is over a decade in the making, on account of because it isn’t really a blog post. Rather it is a project I did in college for my History of Jazz class. I took this class because I was pursuing a minor in music but, given the small nature of my school, there were very few credit options available in a given...

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