Osborne Lights

In Which Jenn REALLY Misses Night Races

And don’t even get me STARTED on the Osborne Lights. I find it nuts that the Wine & Dine Two Course Challenge is still not sold out. But I have some theories as to why… A couple years ago, when the Wine & Dine Half Marathon became a regular morning race like all the others, we lost the last runDisney nighttime race. There are two main camps on this subject: the relieved and the enraged. The relieved are pleased to run in the morning like they are used to, to not worry about properly fueling and hydrating over the...

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Mulan alarm

In Which Jenn Freaks Out About Race Morning Alarms

I skirted the edge of an honest-to-God panic attack the night before the 2016 Wine & Dine Half Marathon. Not because I was nervous about my performance. Not because I was missing any part of my gear. Not because I was sick or injured. I was terrified of sleeping through my alarm. To review: I had three alarms set on my phone. I also set up a wake-up call. But then I worried about sleep-answering it and/or sleeping turning off all the alarms. So I set ANOTHER alarm. Then I tried to add a second wake-up call, but as it turns...

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