In Which Jenn Finds A Race Costume Loophole

I have found it! I have found my race costume holy grail! It’s… WHITE RACE PANTS THAT WON’T MAKE IT LOOK LIKE I PEED MYSELF ON COURSE!!! Perhaps this seems like a frivolous request. Perhaps the solution should be simply to not wear white running pants; problem solved. But. Do you have any idea how many runDisney race costumes require some white for clear recognition? Marie from The Aristocats! EVE from Wall-E! Baymax! Any iteration of Duck, be it Donald, Daisy, or an assorted nephew! Those first three in particular I have been pondering forever, but I was afraid...

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I’m not gonna lie – I was kinda disappointed in Big Hero Six. I loooooooved Baymax, but he took a surprising back seat to the kids’ drama. If there’s a sequel, I’d probably see it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to make it to a theater or anything. Unless I was promised 90 minutes of this: And that’s how I’ll be reciprocating all my fist bumps FOREVER. Don’t forget, you can follow us on Twitter @fairestrunofall. To see how our training is going, check out Jenn’s dailymile here and Moon’s dailymile here. If you have any questions for us, leave a...

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