Brooks Ravennas

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/18

JENN: Let me start by saying I HAVE NEW SNEAKERS. MOON: Yay! Did you pick a new style? JENN: Nope, stuck with the Brooks Ravennas. MOON: Did you try anything new? JENN: I haven’t experienced any knee or hip pain with them – at least not, as far as I can tell, because of them – so I’m keeping ’em for now. I will detail the wonder of their speedy and fiscally responsible arrival later this week, but let me just say now that they are PURPLE with NEON YELLOW LACES. Magnificent. Why be staid we you can be...

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Picky about shoes

In Which Jenn Gets New Sneakers From Fleet Feet

The Annapolis Light House Half Marathon was last Sunday, and was so small that there was no expo, just packet pickup. This would not seem to warrant a special post, but since the pickup was at Fleet Feet I decided to get some LOOOOONG overdue sneakers while I was there. As far as I am concerned, new sneakers are very newsworthy! Because of her mother’s medical issues, Moon decided not to run, but she did want to meet me at Fleet Feet to look at sneakers. This plan suffered a small hiccup when I arrived at the designated address...

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