In Which Elizabeth Remembers WDW As Best She Can

JENN: Hi guys! Please welcome once again my frequent partner-in-crime Elizabeth! I wanted to bring her in because it occurred to me that it might be interesting to find out what INfrequent WDW visitors remember from their trips. As it’s been awhile since Elizabeth was there, she’s a perfect candidate.

I believe the last time I dragged you down was January of 2012, correct?

ELIZABETH: That sounds right.

JENN: I’m curious as to what sticks in your mind. From any trip, really. Basically, free associate!

ELIZABETH: Well, the most distinctive thing from the last visit was definitely Captain EO! I think we saw it twice.

JENN: It is indeed memorable.

ELIZABETH: It was awesome because I went in with no expectations and got Michael Jackson in his prime; and since by the time I was old enough to pay attention to music he was already super creepy, it was a nice change.

Let’s see… oh! Our attempted Around the World drinking in Epcot was also fun (if ultimately a failed venture).

JENN: Hey, that wasn’t our fault! Epcot should’ve stayed open just for us!

ELIZABETH: Those jerks! And I remember watching some street performers there between drinks who I thought were amusing, although that could have been the alcohol.

JENN: You mean the French guy who balanced on chairs, maybe? Or, wait! The World Showcase Players?!

ELIZABETH: I feel like they were English dudes…unfortunately that’s about all I remember: English dudes who were funny.

JENN: Yes!

ELIZABETH: I remember the French guy with chairs, though! Also impressive.

JENN: I LOVE the World Showcase Players! I’m so sad they’re gone. 🙁

ELIZABETH: They’re gone?! ;-; Oh well…

JENN: Yeah. 🙁 🙁

ELIZABETH: Everest and the safari ride are definitely the most memorable parts of the Animal Kingdom for me at least. Oh and the Dinosaur ride, mostly because the first time I rode it I was terrified. Pro tip: don’t sit on the outside of the row in Dinosaur unless you’re extremely brave (the first time at least).

JENN: Yeah, that one can be pretty intense.

ELIZABETH: I don’t have many really strong memories about MGM or whatever it’s called now, except trying to get you to watch the Alien part of the Great American Movie Ride.

JENN: UGH. Ugh, I say!

ELIZABETH: What else? Oh, I almost forgot about Test Track! I always enjoy that ride, and Mission Space (Epcot has all the best things, it’s really not fair).

The Magic Kingdom I always remember the dark rides, and Splash Mountain is cute, but I mostly remember being annoyed about how they get the meaning of the “Good Morning” song wrong.

JENN: Haha, that’s true! It’s supposed to be great to stay up late.


I’m interested about the new Snow White castle they have there: it’s done now, yes?

JENN: You mean the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?


JENN: It’s short but cute; you’ll have to come back with me and see! ^_^

How about food/drinks? Anything stand out?

ELIZABETH: Oh yes. Hmm. Weirdly, I always enjoy the place in Epcot where you can try all the weird sodas [Club Cool], and every place in Epcot has good food, pretty much. Last time you insisted that I speak French to our waiter in the French cafe, which was amusing 🙂 And memorable! He was very nice about it once I explained that I would be talking in French but you would need to communicate in English.

JENN: Was that the guy in Chefs de France who asked us what he should see in America while he was there?

ELIZABETH: Yes! Hahaha, poor guy. I don’t remember what we said. Probably something about how the DC area has a lot of sights/free museums.

High tea is always a highlight, of course. And I remember splitting a lot of desserts with you (which were all delicious) but not a lot of specifics. Of the Around the World drinks, though, the Kir Royal in France was probably my favorite.

JENN: Haha, yeah, that one’s always good. Any other particularly strong memories?

ELIZABETH: Well honestly, one of my favorite memories of WDW is from the first time we went in high school and it was right before the park closed for the day (or right before we had to leave, I forget which), and we went on the Jungle Cruise ride because it had no line. I was not expecting much, but I remember being really entertained by the cast member, and it was just a really nice way to end the day at the park.

JENN: I remember that – it was a great trip down the river. 🙂

ELIZABETH: So not very exciting, but for some reason I always think of that when I try to think of fun Disney memories.

JENN: Anything to add?

ELIZABETH: Hmmm. I could say something about how it’s all about the people who are on the trip with you, but that’s a bit too cheesy for me. My last thought can be that I’m always pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy the street performers/live shows. Stick around and watch them!

JENN: Yay! Thanks so much for helping me out – I’ll drag you back to WDW yet. ^_^

ELIZABETH: Hahaha, you don’t have to drag, I’ll come willingly! We should come up with a good time to start planning for. 🙂

JENN: Maybe if Moon and I do the Princess Half in February you can come too!

What’s your strongest Disney parks memory?

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In Which Jenn Connects with Captain EO

Since my hip started bugging me at the end of last week, I’ve been grudgingly replacing my training runs with training walks. I’m in taper mode anyway, but this veers a little too far in the opposite direction for my taste. 🙁

I’m going to try running again on Thursday in the hope that time does, in fact, heal all wounds, but in the meantime I’ve been using these walks to brush up on my Walt Disney World videos. You know, the classics – IllumiNations, Wishes, the parades, etc.


First, look at my sneakers.

Now – look at Anjelica Huston.

Right? RIGHT?

From now on, I will be referring to my running shoes collectively as The Supreme Leader. They’re just another part of me.

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The Fairest Week In Review: 4/01


MOON: I KNOW! I’m sitting in it right now. 😀

JENN: Amazing. I’m going to go to Target on my lunch break just so I can go outside

Speaking of outside, I love it when it gets warm because the odds of me having the gym all to myself increase.

MOON: Haha, I hope that holds true for me also, but I tend to like running outdoors. How was your week?

JENN: Oh, okay. Better than last week. Still not up to my normal standards.

MOON: Saaaame. But, FINALLY the weather is better. Perhaps this is all we need.

JENN: Here’s hoping! Here’s hoping HARD.

How are you doing musically?

MOON: Mostly all relaxing music. Been a rather stressful week, so I’m trying to calm. 🙂 You?

JENN: I really need a shot in the playlist. I was thinking of downloading those two songs from Epcot’s Captain EO, but I can’t remember if they’re actually good songs or if I just enjoy them because of the accompanying scenes of Michael Jackson defeating the Borg with the power of dance.

MOON: They aren’t bad! I’m your girl if you need any MJ.

JENN: Haha, that’s true! And I’m your girl if you need the Borg.


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