Kill/Refurb/Marry: Disney Resort Pools

It’s time for another Kill/Refurb/Marry! The blog hop topic for this month is Disney Resort Pools, which means I am going to have to cheat like woah.

See, I’ve wracked my brains, I cannot for the live of me remember a time I actually availed myself of a Disney pool. Oh, sure, I ALWAYS pack a swimsuit, just in case. Who knows what will strike my fancy this trip? But somehow parks and the occasional nap always take priority, and I never do dip a toe in.

That being said, I have been known to walk past any number of Disney Resort pools, and it is with these observations I intend to make my judgments. 


I get the concept. I really do. I’m sure there are people at the resort who just want a serene float in a pool that isn’t crawling with screaming children. Only there aren’t many of those people, so every time I pass an almost invariably empty quiet pool I wind up feeling sorry for the bored-looking lifeguard. It bums me out, man.

Refurb: Art of Animation Finding Nemo Pool

I really wish I had taken the time to hop in this pool when I stayed at AoA, mostly just because I want to hear the Nemo characters talking to each other underwater. The theme here is already well-executed and ya gotta love The Drop Off pool bar. But, hey, Disney, don’t you think your largest resort pool deserves some water slides? Good ones? I do!

Marry: Stormalong Bay at The Yacht & Beach Club

I was going to give this one to the Disneyland Hotel pool on the strength of its monorail water slides alone, but then I remembered that Stormalong Bay exists and I had to go with that. I mean, it has a LAZY RIVER, guys. A lazy river, right there outside your hotel room! Wait, you have a room at Y&B? Can I sleep on your floor?

These opinions were all brought to you by a person who has never gone swimming in a Disney pool.

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