Picard has seen it

In Which Jenn Does Blog Inventory

Internal roundup! Yes, it’s time once again for that favorite of posts: the one that links to all those other posts. I did it last year, but a lot (say, about a year’s worth) of stuff has happened since then, so here’s last year’s list augmented with new stuff. Woo! Let me know if you think I’ve missed any important post categories or are looking for something in particular. Onward! Here is a comprehensive listing of all my multi-day theme park (mostly Disney!) trip reports so far: Walt Disney World, December 2013 Disneyland, January 2014 Walt Disney World, November...

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IT Crowd popcorn

In Which Jenn Points Out Posts You May Have Missed

Hey, you know how occasionally you’ll be watching a sitcom and it will dawn on you with slow horror that what you’re actually seeing is a clips show? Yeah, I’m doing that. It’s not so bad! I applied logic to this decision, I swear! It’s merely that it occurs to me that this blog is closer to its second birthday than it isn’t, and there are probably at least a few readers who are kinda new. I happen to be a huge fan of trip reports, and I’ve been known to plumb archives for them myself. Why not make...

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Hershey Park

In Which Jenn & Elizabeth Go to Hershey Park

Welcome back to my faithful pinch hitter, Elizabeth! ELIZABETH: So – we’re going to discuss Hershey Park? JENN: Yup! Because Disney people tend to be somewhat curious about other parks. ELIZABETH: What! But how could any other place measure up? JENN: It couldn’t. We just want to feel smugly superior. Also, roller coasters. ELIZABETH: Ah, right. I will say that Walt Disney World could do with a few more roller coasters, but that’s personal preference. JENN: Disney coasters are awesome, but they’re not exactly pushing the boundaries of what the human body can handle. ELIZABETH: No – all that...

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