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In Which Jenn Considers Some Of The Latest WDW News

As is always the case in the face of loss, the WDW community is abuzz with the announcements of more changes to our beloved parks – many of the “say goodnight, Gracie” variety.  I thought, initially, that I might add my voice to the din, because what is a Disney blogger if not an Opinion Factory? But instead…  Oh, who am I kidding. Real quick: Date-based WDW ticket pricing I tend to be all or nothing when it comes to Disney ticketing – I’m buying an Annual Pass or I’m busying myself outside the parks entirely. For the time...

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In Which Jenn Attends A Private Party In Epcot

Since I spent most of this WDW trip in a conference, I won’t be doing a traditional trip report, but I definitely still have a lot of stuff to tell you about that will be loosely collected under the July 2018 trip keyword. Read on! Somewhere up there in Conference Heaven loves me: not only was my conference at the Swolphin, but there was a wrap-up party… IN EPCOT!!!! I know! It’s like they planned it just for me! Our evening began by entering Epcot via the International Gateway, our badges being our ticket in. We were herded over...

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