Mickey running

In Which Jenn Gives Her Running Shoes Funny Names

My favorite feature of the Garmin app is the gear tracker. No more guessing whether or not I should replace a pair of running shoes – the app calculates exactly how much mileage each pair has! EEE! … I am easily pleased. But then you may wonder – what if you, like me, have multiple pairs of the same┬ábrand and model of shoe in rotation at the same time? How do you differentiate? No problem – in addition to designating the make and model, you can give each shoe a name. The easiest way is of course by color,...

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In Which Jenn Gives Her New Car A WDW Name

Once, in the very recent Holocene, I was lucky enough to be gifted a new car by my parents. They wanted something sturdier and sportier and, well, it’s a long story, but the end result is that they gave their current car to me in exchange for my old car as a trade-in. Score! It’s a weird adjustment, though – my old car was from 2006 and the new one is a 2016 model. My GOD has a lot change in the space of a single decade. This baby has two separate display screens that tell me things like...

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