Doctor Who run

In Which Moon Defends WDW from the Zombie/Alien Apocalypse

JENN: MOON’S HERE, EVERYBODY!!!!#$!#!!!323111 MOON: Whhhhhaaat111! raise the roof JENN: I have every intention of doing so. In fact, I may have to add a story to the house. MOON: Glad to be back. Thanks everyone for your well wishes! I’ve missed you, Jenn!!! <3 JENN: <3 <3 <3 And we have an extra-special Moon-tastic treat, because today we’re talking about Disney dreams. And to paraphrase The Voyage of the Dawn Treader*: I don’t mean daydreams. I mean dreams. Guys, Moon has THE BEST DREAMS EVER. * The book, not the movie. The Narnia movies hurt my heart. MOON:...

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