In Which Jenn Has Her Race Year Completely Planned Out

Well. Perhaps not COMPLETELY planned out. I could maybe toss a couple 5Ks in there if something interesting pops up. But here’s the major race plan skeleton.

Item 1: I signed up for the Marine Corps 17.75K at Nicole‘s urging ’cause she was all THE MARINE CORPS MARATHON IS A LOTTERY THIS YEAR WE NEED THIS. See, if you finish the 17.75K, you get guaranteed entry to MCM. So I signed up – and then Nicole got shut out. Gulp. So… going this one alone. It’s on April 12, so SOON! Wish me luck. Or, as we say instead in the ballet world, merde. (Really. It’s what you say to a ballerina before she goes on. Look it up if you don’t believe me.)

(Item 1.5: There is a TINY chance that I may sneak into the Nike Women’s Half Marathon if the aforementioned Nicole informs me that there are slots available at the expo and I can swing that late a plan. We shall see. I am mostly doubtful.)

Item 2: Yeah… the Marine Corps Marathon. It will be my very first marathon. Nicole didn’t make the lottery. I’m all alone. I’m scared. But I once ran 22 miles on a treadmill, so I can do this, right?

Item 3: WINE AND DINE HALF MARATHON IN WALT DISNEY WORLD, KIDS. Oh, man, I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS TRIP. A bunch of blogger buddies are going in on a suite at Art of Animation and it is going to be magnificent. Nicole and Katherine will be running with me assuming they don’t get fed up with how slow I am and wander off! AND: my very first Food and Wine Festival. In the wise words of When Harry Met Sally: YES YES YES YES YES YES YES.

Bonus Item 4: Let’s peek into the very beginnings of 2015 with January’s Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. Um… I don’t know why. I never thought I’d contemplate running a marathon by itself, let alone four races in a row. But I have decided to go Dopey. The super-awesome Katherine and Nicole will again be shepherding me through, and I’m confident that with their help I will not become all dead. Maybe mostly dead, but not all dead.*  SIX MEDALS WHAT WHAT.

There you have it: my mostly-2014 race plan. I leave you with this image:

* But if I do die, you may go through my pockets and search for loose change.

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