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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: ANOTHER Nomad Lounge Review

Trip report time! See all the posts in this report. Q. Oh Jenn, you’ve reviewed the Nomad Lounge in like 87 times. Why don’t you try eating somewhere different in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, like Harambe Market or Yak and Yeti? A. No. Q. Okay, well, if you must go to Nomad Lounge AGAIN, why don’t you order a drink you’ve never had before?  A. No. The Hightower Rocks, essentially a watermelon margarita, comes with an enormous wedge of watermelon. It’s a drink and snack. To stray would be to set oneself up for disappointment. Q. Fine, but couldn’t Erika have tried something different? A. No. She...

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In Which Jenn Is All About That DAK Area Background Music

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, say! Jenn hasn’t mentioned anything about what Disney background music she’s been listening to lately.  It’s cool. I saw you coming. Here’s how I’ve been easing the pangs of WDW homesickness:  You saw my news about staying at Kidani Village, right? When you stay at a new resort, it’s important to prepare yourself. I aim to ease my acclimation by carefully familiarizing myself with Kidani’s background loop. I’m hella jazzed about this new Disney resort adventure and have all sorts of activities planned for myself! This includes wandering across the way to Jambo...

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In Which Jenn Selects Her Favorite WDW Bars

My cousin’s wife, by some great fortune, is a Disney parks nut. Whenever I hang out with my dad’s side of the family, we inevitably end up talking shop. That’s awesome. What’s less awesome: my cousin himself is not that into it. Oh, he goes on the trips, of course, but while his wife and I are chatting about which resort they’re staying at and FastPass+ strategy, he’s in the background, grumbling. “All I’m saying,” is his refrain, “is if I didn’t have kids, it’s not the vacation I would choose.” Fine. Not everything is for everyone. I have a...

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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: The Nomad Lounge Review

The trip report proper is over, but we’re not done yet – I’ve still got lots of thoughts, including food reviews and photos! You can see all the posts in this report here. Onward! The Nomad Lounge in Disney’s Animal Kingdom worries me, and here’s why: positioned at the mouth of the new Pandora land, I fear it will soon cease to be a hidden gem, a la the sudden rush on Sanaa. Can nothing remain secret?! Nevertheless, I would never be so oppressive as to demand this wonderful bar hide its proverbial light under a proverbial bushel. But I made...

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Jenn's Tattoo

The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Nomad Lounge Review

Trip report time! This is the final recap for my November 2016 trip. You can read all posts in the trip report here. Thanks so much for reading! I have been dying of excitement over the fact that WDW has produced my very own drink since I first glimpsed it on a menu back in June. Naturally it only made sense to hightail it over to the Nomad Lounge to try it during my time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! The Nomad Lounge is fairly out of the way right now, with an entrance beyond the main Tiffin’s entryway, tucked back by where...

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Jenn's Tattoo at Nomad Lounge

In Which Jenn Has Her Very Own DAK Cocktail: Jenn’s Tattoo!

GUYS GUYS GUYS. I HAVE MY OWN ALCOHOL. So I was reading easyWDW like I do when I want to giggle to myself while reading Disney stuff, finding out all about the new Nomad Lounge connected to the Animal Kingdom’s latest fancy pants restaurant, Tiffins. I’m scrolling, I’m scrolling, not paying very careful attention to the images of the menu proper as I’m generally more interested in the food selected for review. I get to the bit where Josh describes all the drinks… and suddenly, THERE IT IS. Original blog post here. GUYS GUYS GUYS. I HAVE MY OWN...

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