Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

In Which Jenn & Moon Are Ready For The Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

JENN: So: you ready for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler on Sunday? MOON: Actually, I think so. But so help me…. IF IT RAINS… >_< JENN: Right now we’re looking good: high of about 70, no rain in the forecast. Mind you, it’s still a couple days out, but if that holds we’ll be in really good shape. MOON: Yes. My worry, however, is the forecast up until race day. Rain every day. So… if rain slows down, it’ll delay itself into Sunday. JENN:Hopefully it rains itself out! MOON: You’re right, I should be positive. No rain! (Hopefully…) JENN: Do you have any goals set? I...

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Doctor Who run

In Which Jenn Runs A Conference 5K

Hello from the Dallas-Fort Worth airport and my honking ginormous work laptop! (Seriously. It’s HUGE.) As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve been at a conference the past couple days. And there was a conference 5K! Features include your very own bib and a waiver acknowledging that if you run, you could die. I’m actually kind of excited about this post, because this is why we blog, right? I woke up the morning of the 5K and I was all NO5:20AMDONOTWANTICOULDDOTHISONATREADMILLLATER but then I thought GETUPYOUMORONTHERE’SABLOGPOSTINTHIS. It was not my first run of the trip – I’d already made good...

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Kevin Sorbo is disappointed

In Which Jenn is Insufficiently Excellent

My dad has this saying: “The excellent is the enemy of the good.” And lately I feel like the phrase was coined with running in mind. When you first start running it’s hard, physically and mentally – but in other ways, it’s almost easy, because practically everything you do constitutes a personal record. Slowly you build up your mileage and your speed, and before you know it you’re regularly knocking back ten miles and isn’t that amazing?! In the immortal words of Strong Bad: YES I’M AWESOME And then you run your first race, and no matter what the...

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