In Which Jenn Reviews Another Influenster Vox Box

Hey, remember that time I got an Influenster Vox Box? I guess they value truthiness after all – I got another for review. More unbridled honesty ahead! Orgain Organic Protein Powder in Vanilla Bean Despite the surprising popularity of this tropical smoothie recipe post, I haven’t been smoothie-ing it up much lately. For a long time smoothies were a backbone of my diet, but I’ve been concentrating on eating more varied meals. That being said, I broke out a peanut butter-banana smoothie recipe courtesy of the interwebs, replaced the recommended Greek yogurt with Orgain protein powder, and slurped away....

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In Which Jenn Barely Makes Protein Pancakes (And They Suck)

Let’s see, what’s the phrase I’m looking for? EPIC FAIL. Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. As part of my race packet for the Annapolis Run for the Light House, I received a packet of protein powder. It seemed to go over well post-run, so I bought myself a big ol’ tub of it at Target; different brand but same flavor. Well, that worked fine for awhile in my smoothies, but after awhile I just got SO SICK of that cloying vanilla taste. Bleh. By consequence I have been on the hunt for...

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