In Which Jenn Corrals More Discounts

Discounts! I have more running-related discounts! I’m thinking of making this a monthly thing. Thoughts?

SLS3 is offering their compression foot sleeve for $19.90 – a $20 discount – in exchange for an Amazon review (on the honor system as far as I can tell.). The sleeve is designed to provide arch support and relieve plantar fasciitis if that’s your deal. It comes in different sizes so you can customize your fit.

If you’re in my neck of the woods, Groupon has a pretty good deal for The Great Inflatable Race on June 18 in DC – $29.99 for registration (normally $75). I for one have never been much for this sort of obstacle course thing, but if it’s your bag then it’s a worthwhile expenditure.

Also for my locals: run the Navy-Air Force Half with me! Prices went up on April 1, but you can bring them back down by $10 with code ACTNOW201. Code will also work on the 10k but the discount is only $5 in that case.

Another race you can run with me is the Zooma Half Annapolis – use code CYNTHIA16 to get 10% off. This code also works on any other race in the series, so if there’s one in a city close to you, have at it!

Also – and there’s no guarantee on this one, but I wanted to share – if you’re a Target denizen, I scored a pair of clearance running capris for $8 there yesterday, the fancier kind that used to be $25. They also had a bunch of reasonably cute workout tops in clearance if you’re in the market for long sleeves; that is, if you haven’t run a million runDisney races and wish desperately they’d look into a different sleeve length.

That’s all for this installment! Got a discount I didn’t mention here? Sound off in the comments!

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