In Which Jenn Sidesteps Theme Park Lockers

Girls, we’ve got it rough. We know this.

Our pockets are useless.

Hey, baggy cargo pants can be a cute look. But it’s not how we want to live our lives, and it’s definitely not always how we want to swan around an (often sweltering) amusement park. It’s cool, though; that’s why God invented the purse, right?

Unfortunately, some theme parks have declared war on bags. Busch Gardens Williamsburg won’t let you take them through the line – and its lockers aren’t free. Universal Studios will let you stow stuff in a locker, but it’s only free for a limited time; woe betide those who would wait in a lengthy line. I’ve had a similar experience in Six Flags Great Adventure. Universal, however, takes it one step further: for a couple of their big ticket coasters, there’s a metal detector stationed halfway through the line. Even those with zippered pockets can’t bring their phone through.

With the metal detector situation I can’t help you. But if it’s just the bag you’d love to ditch, ladies, I have good news! They can take our purses, but they will NEVER TAKE OUR BOOBS.

Behold: the Sports Bra Storage method of theme park travel.

It’s easy! All you need is a ziplock bag, four safety pins, and a substantial sports bra. Alternatively you can use a small cosmetic bag or similar, but there tends to be extra bulk there.


  1. Flip your sports bra inside out.
  2. Align the sandwich bag so that the opening lines up with or just below the top of your sports bra.
  3. Smooth out the bag against the fabric and safety pin the bag to the bra at the top and bottom corners. Be careful not to catch the bra’s back in the pins. If the bag extends beyond the bra, do NOT fold it; instead, pin it just above the bra’s bottom, at the sides of the bag.
  4. Flip the bra back to right side-in. Put on your bra and smooth out the bag underneath. You are now free to insert your phone, ID, credit cards, and your average ticket media in the plastic bag. Seal it up et voila!

Wear a loose tank and unless you’re REALLY jamming it in there, no one will be able to tell you’re storing your stuff in your bra. No bag check and no lockers for you! I’ve never once had an issue with everything staying secure, but for extra safety you can always throw a hoodie zipped up all the way over your ensemble; this would catch an unlikely escaped item.

There are, of course, a few disadvantages to this method. It does limit what you can take into the parks. And if you have a phone so giant it won’t fit into a small bag, well, you’ll have to look into other alternatives. And there are lots! But this is my preferred method in the face of bag moratoriums and I thought I’d share it. Let me know if you try it out!

How do you prefer to store your stuff when riding?

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In Which Jenn Reviews A Cheap Sports Bra

Influenster recently sent me a 40% discount code off a C9 by Champion sports bra from Target. I was kinda on the fence about the whole thing – 40% off is good, but I have a fair array of sports bras already – until my Target run on Tuesday. Sports bras were on sale! I can’t resist stacked discounts, so I picked one up for review.

The discount code covered two lines of C9 bras: power core and power shape. The main difference seems to be in the cups; namely, are they molded (shape) or no? Some are racer backs, some not. All models I saw have adjustable straps.

I have in-between boobs; that is to say, not so small that I can throw on a tank top and wander about braless (you guys are lucky!), but then again not so big that I naturally get a ton of cleavage with little to no effort (you guys are lucky!). I liked the look of the molded bras, but most of them seemed to have back clasps, which I am less a fan of in sports bras – I hate standing around grappling for hooks with my arms twisted behind my back when I have a workout to get to, geez.

I was also having trouble finding my size, as some are sized like standard bras (ie, 34C) and some are S, M, L. I eventually picked out a medium support power core bra in size medium.

My selection.

Cute, right? Putting it on initially, I was struck by how much more support it offered than I expected. I got a little bit of boob-squish, but not to the extent that high support bras tend to provide. The boobs are definitely strapped down but not suffocated. Otherwise, while just hanging around, it’s pretty comfortable.

The real test is of course in the run. I have some sports bras that require a bit of lubrication if I’m going for a long run, under the band and sometimes on the upper boobs. To find out if this one has any hot spots, I went Vaseline-free for the inaugural run (you’re welcome). Chafe report: nada. Nary a mark on me. Now, I was running on a beautiful morning – low 60s, light breeze – so sweat wasn’t much of a factor; I’d need to try again on a hardcore sweaty day to get a sense of how chafe-y it gets then. But for starters: not bad!

In short, for my medium boobs, medium support was just fine. It’s not super flattering for small-to-medium boobs in that it squishes you down and flattens you out, but then again, it IS a sports bra. It keeps the bounce out. If you want something with a bit more shape, I’d suggest trying a model with molded cups (or this VSX bra, which I have and like). Otherwise this is a perfectly serviceable sports bra at a pretty great price.

Standard cost for the various models seems to run between $16.99 and $22.99, Target is running a bunch of sales both in store and online right now! I got mine in store for $10 ($6 after my discount code) and saw others marked at $15, so if you’re interested in a new sports bra now’s the time to jump on it.

Have you used C9 sports bras? How do you like ’em?

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In Which We Answer the Questions You Never Asked

Since we’re new around these here internet parts, we thought it would be good to tell you more about us. Yes, we mean you, specifically. In the interest of full disclosure, we should note that we ganked this survey from Katherine over at Food Fitness Fantasy. Maybe she won’t notice it’s gone?

JENN: Ready for some survey madness?

MOON: Yesssss.

JENN: Okay, first question! Year you ran your first mile without walking: Um… did we run a full mile in elementary school? Was the Turkey Trot more than a mile? [We went to elementary school together. And middle. And high. And undergrad. The Complete Set.]

Bestest friends foreverest.

MOON: I think it was one mile exactly, but did you actually run the entire thing?

JENN: Probably not. All I really remember about the Turkey Trot was that we had one.

MOON: I know I didn’t! I walked with friends.

JENN: And I think the winner got a turkey. And the same girl always won.

MOON: Yes. And I had no desire for a turkey, therefore no incentive to run.

JENN: I’m pretty sure I ran a full mile in middle school without stopping.

MOON: Well, I have no idea when the first time was, but my first mile when I started seriously running was in 2009.

JENN: Yeah, verifiably for me I think it would be 2008. If I’d known it would mark the start of something so momentous I would’ve paid better attention.

MOON: I know, right?

JENN: Next! Year you became ‘a runner’:

This one can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but I think it’s a mindset thing, don’t you? “I jog sometimes for exercise for an hour or so” as opposed to “I set mileage and time goals and train for races” type thing.

MOON: Yeah.

JENN: I did some running as exercise in 2008 through 2010, but I wouldn’t say I became A RUNNER until summer of last year.

MOON: I always wanted to be a distance runner, so I would say 2009.

JENN: Why you started running:

Ha, mine’s kinda funny. I was pretty into the elliptical for a couple years. Then my apartment put a sign up in the gym saying that they were repairing a water main and the gym would be closed for a week.

I was still in the throes of disordered eating/exercising at the time (more on that at a later date), so naturally the idea of taking a week off was positively abhorrent for me.

So I dug up the old Nikes I bought for our first group trip to WDW and set off on a run. And afterward I discovered, wow, I feel like I actually EXERCISED. Because elliptical, it’s awesome you’re so low impact, but I… I don’t really feel like you DO much.

Gradually I began replacing my elliptical workouts with running workouts, started actually eating more than 100 calorie bags of popcorn for lunch, and eventually running took over. The Princess Half appeared on my radar and it was all over.

MOON: Haha, well… I don’t have a very entertaining story. I started because I simply wanted to run. I mean, honestly, at the time in my life there were a lot of changes happening and all that, but I needed something to focus on and I had always wanted to run more, so I did.

JENN: Why you run now:

You mean besides the fact that runDisney fills me with joy? Well, it makes me feel strong and competent. I may not be the world’s fastest, but I can wrong way farther than the average person. I bet our hearts are strong like ox!

I’m not gonna lie, there’s an element of calming my inner diet freakout. I burn around 1,000 calories in a ten mile run, and that makes me feel okay about, y’know, eating.

I also enjoy that Zenning out while running. Sometimes my mind wanders and then I look back and realize I just knocked out another mile without noticing it.

Or finding a great new song that pumps you up and you put it on repeat and each mile flies by.
That feeling is awesome.

MOON: I guess there are a lot of reasons why I run. Mostly, it is good for the body and the soul. There’s something very simple about running, but the rewards are all your body needs to be strong.
Running is calming and give me peace, too. I really see no disadvantages to running, why not run?

JENN: What’s the most you ever spent on a sports bra?

Uh… Twenty bucks? Most of my sports bras are from Target. Ha. I should probably invest in a good one… I hear excellent things about Lululemon but that would mean dropping some serious change.

MOON: Ten dollars, I think? Maybe fifteen. I like simple sports bras, nothing too fancy (but I HATE racer back).

JENN: Oh, and I hear good things about Victoria’s Secret’s sports line too. VSX or some such. Also expensive. Things to ponder…

MOON: Yes, I saw that they had a new line out. One was very yellow and I was attracted to it (I love yellow!), but it was fifty-ish dollars…

JENN: We’ll have to keep our eyes out for sales. First race?

Ha, Princess Half! We jumped right in…

MOON: Yes we did! And we did pretty well, all things considered!

JENN: Last race?

I don’t know if I even want to count this, but I did “run” the inaugural Annapolis Beer Week 5K Beer Run. It was wildly disorganized and by the end we were just sort of strolling from beer station to beer station… but we did four loops, which might be four miles? I don’t even know. Like I said: disorganized. But I can heartily recommend Abita’s Purple Haze now!

MOON: I’m still undecided on how much I actually want to race. I have a terrible habit of having the mentality that I must beat my previous time every time I run. So, I tend to race against myself. I’m also a terribly nervous person and have issues with running with people. But I am doing all the runDisney events, so we will see what happens. I’m going to try to do some races in the fall. Will get back to you on that!

JENN: Favorite race?

Princess Half. The ’90s called. They said to tell you DUH.



JENN: Three races you most wish you could run:

I’m going to cheat on this one and just say ALL THE RUNDISNEY RACES!!! I don’t even know if I want to do a half marathon that isn’t Disney. Except now we’re signing up for one. So I guess I am! But I’m sure the whole time I’ll be thinking, “This race has no castle…”

MOON: 1. Hawaii Marathon 2. New York Marathon 3. WDW Marathon

JENN: Oh. Hawaii. Good call. I will make an exception for Hawaii.

MOON: It would probably be one of the prettiest runs in the world.

JENN: First running shoe:

The first shoe I bought specifically for running was the ASICS Nimbus 14. In the wrong size, but whatever. I have since learned the error of my ways.

MOON: Oh, man… I have no idea. I started with ASICS a long time ago and I’ve stuck with them, although I have been through at least three different models.

JENN: Do you run with a watch? What kind?

Nope. When I’m not on a treadmill I use MapMyRun. Although I’m pondering asking for a watch for Christmas.

MOON: I have the same answer as Jenn! I would like one…

JENN: We’ll have to do some research!

Running goals for 2013:

Well, I’m signed up for two 5Ks in September, so I’d like to try and actually RUN them this time. 😉

I’d like to further refine my shoe selection.

And I’d of course love to improve both my speed and endurance!

MOON: By the end of the year, I would like to build my endurance and complete a few 10ks, each with a better time than the last!

JENN: Current, main or favorite shoe:

Nike Fitsoles.

Nike Fitsoles.

Not Nike Fitsoles.

MOON: I’ve been running in the Gel Noosa Tri 8 by ASICS and they have been pretty good!

JENN: Best running advice you’ve ever received:

To be properly fitted for sneakers, and to try Fleet Feet. Made a world of difference. Thanks, Doug!

MOON: Umm… I love What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami. It inspired me to keep running.

But, I think for both of us though, we must thank Michael Bolton.

JENN: I am oooon my waaaay! I CAN GO THE DISTANCE!

Running hero?


MOON: What!!

JENN: Because she congratulates, encourages, and commiserates in just the right amounts.

MOON: That’s so sweet, I can’t follow up on that! :p

JENN: We’re all full of hearts and flowers!

Favorite running partner:


JENN: Moon again! Yay!

MOON: Sunshine and rainbows.

JENN: ‘Cause on practice runs there’s no pressure, and in races we keep each other rolling.

MOON: Yes, and this is only the beginning. Soon we will be rolling past the Disney Marathon finish line. 🙂

JENN: Non-running hobbies:

Ballet, reading, writing, obsessing about WDW, cat wrangling… You know. Stuff.

MOON: Jenn and I enjoy watching terrible horror movies >_>…

Other than running, I read and play music. I’m a musicologist, so those two things work out well for me.

JENN: Classical music FTW.

Oh, and we both tear it up on the Xbox 360! I can field any and all questions regarding Dragon Age, and Moon can school you in Read Dead Redemption.

Who’s in your household?

Me, my roommate, and my cats, Minx and Ruffian. They are things of beauty and a joy forever.

MOON: Thanks, Endymion. My roommate and my kitty, Hoodoo! 😀

JENN: Last question: PRs? I am a conscientious objector to this question. I believe that all the dodging and running around people cost us a good 10 – 15 minutes of time in the Princess Half. But we’ll talk about that later this week when we discuss our Princess Half experience.

MOON: I agree with Jenn.

JENN: Survey = crushed.

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