In Which Jenn Makes The Cheater’s Stir Fry

I bring you another cheater’s recipe! This one earns the title because you make everything in two pots/pans total, thus minimizing cleanup later. Otherwise, it’s SO simple I almost didn’t make this post for fear of being met with a resounding DUH. But I also made it recently and found that it kept me full much longer – and I had a pretty good run later that day.

The science? Or, okay, the theoretical science? It’s got brown rice for carbs and tons of protein from the chicken sausage AND egg. Let’s proceed.

The Cheater’s Stir Fry

 You will need:

  • 1 chicken sausage (I use the Target brand Archer Farms’ spinach and garlic chicken sausage because it’s low cal and you can pronounce all the ingredients, but use your favorite)
  • 1/2 cup spinach, cooked
  • 1/4 cup brown rice, uncooked
  • 1 egg (or equivalent egg whites, but don’t you think yolks are nice?)
  • Soy sauce or olive oil and your favorite spices
  • Cooking spray
  1. Get your rice cooking in a small pot or rice maker. If you’re using slow-cooking rice or a rice maker that, like mine, takes its sweet, sweet time, you’ll want to get this step rolling early so it that will be ready in the five – ten minutes the remaining steps take.
  2. Meanwhile, hit a small saucepan with some cooking spray and turn your burner to medium heat. Lay down your chicken sausage (I recommend splitting it) and get one side browned.
  3. Now flip your sausage to start work on the other side and lay down your spinach next to it. Crack open the egg and add it to the remaining free space. You can scramble it if you want, but I recommend sunny side up for reasons that will become apparent shortly.
  4. Drain your rice if needed and/or remove the pot from the rice maker.
  5. Once everything in the saucepan is sufficiently cooked, remove it from the burner. Slice the chicken sausage and add that and the spinach to the rice pot. Then carefully move the egg over to join them… AND BUST THAT YOKE! 
  6. Add soy sauce to taste (if you don’t like soy sauce or live in fear of sodium, use a dollop of olive oil and your favorite spices). Mix it all up and enjoy.

When I plugged this into a recipe nutrition calculator, it came out with over 20 grams of protein and over 30 grams of carbs. FUEL, people. Fuel!

What’s your favorite fuel?

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