The Fairest Week In Review: 6/17

MOON: Ooookay. Tell me about your runs!

JENN: They have been relatively decent! HUGE factor: the air conditioning the gym finally kicked in. Air conditioning not on? Crazy humid, runs suck. Air conditioning on? WHEEEEEE I CAN RUN.

MOON: Ha, I realized that too in the beginning of the week. Our air conditioner seems to be spotty. Sometimes on and glorious or just not at all.

JENN: I’m still working outdoor runs into my schedule, but it’s hard to convince myself to get up early. Just not my bag. Unfortunately the temperatures of late have been way too high for afternoon running. Mind you, I wouldn’t trade summer for ANYTHING, but it does make for trickier maneuvering.

MOON: I don’t mind the heat, but I would rather not be in the sun. Awkward tans and all that. My nose is still recovering from the Negev…

JENN: Yes, a shadier route can be way helpful. I have a total t-shirt tan from the beach last month. Terrible.

MOON: Ha, at least it isn’t a burn!

JENN: … Anymore…

MOON: Ah, I seeee. Soooo, what are your plans for the week? Any goals?

JENN: Don’t suck. I haven’t been sucking too hard lately. I would like to keep that up. Oh, and continue to work outdoor runs into the plan. Regardless of how little I feel like it at 6AM. You?

MOON: Don’t suck is a good plan. I like this plan. I’m hoping to work really hard this week. Get my mileage back up, but also work on strength.

JENN: I’m playing with the idea of speedwork today but it scares me… O.o

MOON: Do it! It feels good, even if you don’t go as far.

JENN: Haha, yeah, that’s what makes me sad. BUT. With any luck it’ll be the last push I need to get back up to last year’s speeds.

MOON: Endurance will improve with speed, it’s just like when we started running. 🙂

JENN: True. Back to basics it is, then.

MOON: Good luck!

JENN: Good luck also conferred to the roundup:

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