The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Reviewing Some Of The World’s Sushi

Last post of the mini trip report! I’m covering my quick weekend trip for the WDW Marathon. To read all the posts in this report,click here.

And now for the most interesting part of any trip report: a food review.

My boyfriend is not a sushi fan, so I don’t end up eating it very often in normal life. Throw me into a solo trip, however, and it’s all sushi all the time! (See exhibit A.) So for my WDW Marathon Weekend Mini-Trip, I had sushi for lunch both days. It was… it was kind of disappointing, actually.

First up: the new Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs. The sushi menu there is pretty small and rather expensive; I went with a veggie roll for $7 and a spicy tuna roll (hold the spicy mayo) for I believe $12. You’re given the option of brown rice or white, and in the interest of health and marathon fueling I went with brown. Not sure if this affected my experience, but…

For an Iron Chef, I expected more than this. I asked for my tuna roll without spicy mayo because I feel like it masks the rich flavors of the fish. Well, the rich flavors weren’t there. Probably with the spicy mayo it’s all about that and the raw tuna is more for texture, but that’s not what I go into a tuna roll wanting.

The veggie roll is basically a garden salad wrapped in rice – cucumbers, carrots, greens. No daikon, thank God. I got my veggies in but I wasn’t impressed.

It being marathon weekend I was unable to sample what looks to be an extensive sake collection, and for that reason alone I would come back. I’d hesitate to drop cash on the sushi, though. I understand Morimoto’s signature dish is duck; maybe sushi isn’t really his thing and he only includes it because people expect it of a Japanese restaurant. Then, too, the restaurant is still fairly new and they may still be working out the kinks. If anyone eats here in the future, let me know what you think!

My second sushi experience was at Kona Island Cafe in the Polynesian. This counter service spot is located next to the Kona Cafe sit down restaurant in the lobby, across from ‘Ohana and the Tambu Lounge. The Island makes all the sushi rolls for the Cafe, so if you’ve had sushi from one of these locations you’ve had it from both. (And note that because of that, you may have to wait a bit for your order even if you’re the only person in line; it looked like Cafe orders may be prioritized.)

Anyway. I got what I believe was called the sushi combination or chef’s combination or something like that: a tuna and veggie roll alongside a chef’s selection of nigiri and sashimi. In both cases the latter turned out to be one each of salmon, tuna, and a believe yellowfin? With tax and such it ran me somewhere in the area of $15, which I consider a good value for decent sushi. Indeed, I thought it was better than Morimoto’s, although still not as rich as I wanted it to be.

None of the fish I tried at either place had a strong, full flavor. Maybe it has something to do with Orlando’s fish markets or something. Seriously, what is going on? I’ve had better sushi from the counter service place in DC’s Union Station. Of course, that place is pretty awesome. You should try it.

If you’re at WDW and you’re in the market for sushi, there are a bunch of places to get it. I hear great things about California Grill’s sushi menu but have never tried it personally, although you’ll need to be prepared to shell out all the money you’ve ever had and ever will have. I’ve eaten at Tokyo Dining in the Japan pavilion several times and invariably enjoyed the experience. You can also get prepackaged sushi in the Katsura Grill counter service restaurant in the Japan Pavilion. It’s exactly the same sushi – marked as being from Mitsukoshi – that you’ll find in some resort grab and go food selections, so again, if you’ve had a California roll from one you’ve had it from them all.

Personally I find sushi to be a great pre- or post-race selection – protein from the fish, carbs from the rice!

Have you eaten WDW’s sushi? What did you think? Which place has the best?

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The Most Universal Trip Report Of All: Food Reviews

Shall we talk food? I thought so.

My Universal Studios trip was brief and not particularly food-filled, but I made time to try some things. Lunch on day one was of course accomplished at The Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley. The offerings are extremely British and rather heavy, but I found a good option in The Ploughman’s Lunch. It’s advertised as for two but they can split the portion and sell it for one if you ask.

The Ploughman’s Lunch for One comes with half a Scotch egg, half a roasted tomato, salad, bread, cheese, and some random jelly stuff which sucked so we’ll ignore it. This was… okay. The bread was not toasted and the Scotch egg was lukewarm. The tomato and salad were fine. The cheese was pretty good but I would’ve liked it to be separated from the dressed salad; it had developed some moisture. But cheese and bread are never a bad plan and from a nutritional standpoint this is reasonably sound. I wouldn’t steer anyone away from ordering this one, but don’t go in expecting anything special.
Butterbeer was also to be had, because duh. I have had it before it both the regular soda and frozen versions. Almost everyone prefers the frozen version, but not me – CARBONATION IS MY GOD. HAIL TO THEE, SODASTREAM! … Anyway. Butterbeer is basically cream soda if you replace the cream with a bit more of a butterscotch thing and add some rather amazing toasty vanilla foam to the top. Also, when unfrozen, bubbles. BUBBLES!
Dinner that day was at CityWalk’s Antojitos (I wanted to go to the place that sold sushi AND burgers but was overruled). I had a large and tasty salad but it wasn’t anything to write home about. In fact, I only really mention this mini-review to say that Antojitos is a standard Mexican restaurant and if you want to be wowed I’d say pass. That being said, I didn’t have any margaritas and anything – who knows, they could be astounding. Try it and report back, soldier.

I did finally get my sushi! I ate twice at the sushi place on the second level of CityWalk – Sushi Fusion according to the receipt, but the sign just says “Sushi.” Apologies for the lack of photos; don’t know how I spaced on that one.
I tried the rainbow and dragon rolls along with avocado rolls. To be honest, the rainbow roll was not the best – serviceable, but the fish topping was just okay; disappointing when you expect the salmon and tuna to be the star. The dragon roll (eel) was better but nothing memorable.
Surprisingly, however, the avocado roll was quite excellent, larger than you expect from a veggie roll advertised on the side and full of ripe avocado. If you’re a raw fish person, I might give Sushi Fusion a pass, but if you’re in it for the veggie stuff, take a shot. (And if you’re a person whose significant other hates sushi, you take it where you find it. *raises hand*) 
And now for the real star of the show – Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour, the new place in Diagon Alley. I went twice for a grand total of four flavors.

I’m not gonna lie – flavor selection was tough. They have a million interesting options – strawberry and peanut butter, how did I leave you behind?! But for my first round I settled on what I found to be a logical combination: Earl Grey & Lavender and Clotted Cream.
The Earl Grey is nice – sort of a vanilla base with the tea flavor mixed in. I don’t remember a strong lavender element but then I couldn’t describe with certainty what that’s like so who knows. If you’re into tea, try it. If you’re not, don’t.
The clotted cream though. OH MAN, THE CLOTTED CREAM. It’s like… it’s like cheesecake ice cream, kind of, only BETTER. It’s like when you have afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian and there’s Devonshire cream and you spread it on a scone and it’s awesome only instead of Devonshire cream it’s now ICE CREAM. (No scone, though; hey, Florean, can we get on that?) Highly recommended if you’re into tangy sweet almost-cheesy dairy goodness.

Apparently they ran out of the cute pink cups. 🙁

For my second go round, I got sticky toffee pudding and chocolate chili (“That one is spicy. Is that okay?” said the CM. Sounds like some customers haven’t been paying attention). I was frankly disappointed by these two. The sticky toffee pudding was good but the toffee pudding chunks were insufficiently frequent and indistinct. But the chocolate chili hurt me the most: it was BORING. It tasted like regular chocolate ice cream only there’s a bit of heat in your mouth after you swallow. I don’t know what I expected, but I certainly expected more than that. Should’ve gotten more clotted cream.*

* New life motto

And that’s it! Thing I Am Bummed To Have Missed: breakfast in the Harry Potter places. Oh well. Just have to go back!

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Squirtgun To Your Head: Favorite WDW Food?

JENN:  ALL RIIIIIIGHT. Squirtgun To Your Head! What is your favorite Walt Disney World food?

MOON:  fooooooood

JENN: You may, if you wish, divide into Dessert and Not-Dessert categories.

MOON: The most memorable food I can think of at the moment is the pineapple ice cream shake (I think it was a shake?).

JENN: Haha, you mean the Dole Whip float? Pineapple soft serve with pineapple juice?

MOON: That’s the winner! It’s pretty fantastic.

JENN: I would’ve guessed your answer would be trifle from afternoon tea. Dole Whip is, however, a most excellent choice. Classic!

After a great deal of soul searching and painfully and reluctantly rejecting the Writer’s Stop’s carrot cake cookie and any number of magnificent cupcakes, I have to go with ‘Ohana’s pineapple bread pudding. Because BREAD PUDDING.

MOON: Ha, I was going to suggest reminiscing about the Great Cupcake Search.

JENN: Not one of my finer hours. In my defense, though, Disneyland is WAY lacking in cupcakes.

MOON: Agreed. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you so determined and subsequently bummed out.

JENN: I take my frosting very seriously, as you know. Luckily, Earl of Sandwich has those brownie frosting sandwich things, but eating it in cupcakeless defeat arguably removes some of the beauty from the moment.

MOON: What’s your favorite non-dessert?

JENN: I must choose one that may or may not be defunct: sweet potato rolls from Tokyo Dining. Last time I was there they were not available, but I have hope. Sweet potato + sushi = OBVIOUSLY YES.

MOON: When I’m feeling tired and need some comfort food, my mind always thinks, “Oh right, Epcot has sweet potato maki…!”

JENN: If nothing else, they are an inspiration.

Squirtgun To YOUR Head! What’s your favorite WDW food?

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