Snow White pie

The Fairest Week In Review: 11/21

Happy almost-Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy many and variegated pies while enduring less travel time than I will (6 hours round trip if I’m lucky – top that!).  Alas, I am traveling to New Jersey to finish visit family (if ONLY, subconscious that made me type “finish” first), I will be forced to skip this year’s Turkey Chase 10K. This bums me out a little as it’s a race that allows me to walk to the start and finish. On the other hand, it’s supposed to be, like, 30 degrees tomorrow, so maybe it’s just as well. No matter; I have other...

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The Fairest Week In Review: 11/25

JENN: Did you run this week? Tell me you ran this week. Somebody’s got to have run this week. MOON: I did a lot of running! JENN: Whew! MOON: Speed AND distance this week (go me!), ha. JENN: Yay! I haven’t run in two weeks. 🙁 My foot is taking its sweet sweet time to heal. MOON: ;-; JENN: And it’s SUCH a terrible time for it, because not running makes me feel like I really really really need to watch what I eat… AND IT’S THE WEEK OF THANKSGIVING. AND in addition to Thanksgiving proper, I have an Experimental Recipes Thanksgiving with at my...

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