In Which Jenn Is A Truly Cultured Music Student

Look, you can make fun of me all day and all night for being on the Hot Topic mailing list, but their Disney collection is unmatched. So when I got an email informing me that they had just added a bunch of new dresses to their Disney collection, I eagerly clicked through. Cute, cute, cute, I thought, scrolling along, with reasonable but not galvanizing enthusiasm… until I saw THIS dress.

I think we can all agree that I NEED this dress. Under normal circumstance I would slap it on my Christmas list, but then I can’t wear it during my November WDW trip, and that’s sad. It’s sad.

Therefore I may need to buy it ahead of time. After all, I did talk myself out of buying any of the cute but expensive Mary Blair dresses. If I wait for one of those frequent discount codes, it’s an economically sound decision… right? Now, if only someone would make a dress themed to Si and Am from Lady & The Tramp, I’d be set.

Play us out, maestro.

Do you like wearing Disney-themed clothing in the parks? Where do you like to source your stash? What’s your favorite piece?

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