Pat Carroll Ursula

A Tribute To Our Ursula, Pat Carroll

By now, the death of Pat Carroll is old news; she kicked the bucket at the end of July and I have missed the zeitgeist. Another Disney legend bites the dust. Still, my far away and impersonal real life encounter with her popped into my head again the other day, and I thought, why not tell it? Much like Glynis Johns, hers is a performance worth celebrating. PAT CARROLL, STAGE MANAGER… In 2002, Pat Carroll headlined as the Stage Manager in Round House Theatre’s production of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. If this Washington Post article is to be believed,...

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Riker runs

The Fairest Week in Review: 8/19

Hi guys! Still me for the time being, I’m afraid. Moon’s mom is still having medical issues so I’m holding down the fort. She does tell me she managed to sneak in a 1.25 mile run, so girl is keeping it going. Send good vibes her way! 🙂 Okay, let’s see. My training this week went fine, except for the part where I flew off the treadmill, but really that was fine too. Although now I’m kicking myself for not titling that post “You Can Fly, You Can Fly, You Can Fly Off the Treadmill.” Wasted opportunity! It’s been...

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