Tuesday, March 26, 2019

In Which Jenn Doesn't Get Liberty Inn


Okay, so I'm not trying to get up on a high horse here,* but there is one Walt Disney World behavior I simply do not understand: in all the food joints in all the World Showcase, why would you walk into the Liberty Inn?

I would happily accept a low horse. Any horse at all, really.

Epcot is an epicure's dream. Well, ish. I mean, a lot of the restaurants are serving native food and drink that some would accuse of being dumbed down for tourist palettes. But still, you've got Moroccan spices, a full English pub, Bavarian pretzels as big as your head, gravlax and weird Norwegian liqueur, A WHOLE CAVE OF TEQUILA, and you choose... a domestic beer and a burger in the American Adventure's quick service restaurant. In the modern parlance... wut?

suppose you could argue that not everyone who visits WDW is American, and maybe those international visitors find American cuisine interesting. I'm not convinced at all that that's what's happening, but okay. But you can get burgers and fried shrimp lots of other places around the parks and resorts. Why wouldn't you take the opportunity to change it up a bit?

The other potential defense I could see someone using is that their kids are picky. Fair enough. But I've never heard any parent utter any sentence along the theme of "My kid is so picky and I LOVE IT!" I can't think of a single better opportunity than the vast food pantheon of the World Showcase to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING EVER SO SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT your kid might deign to try. Why not seize your chance?

Admittedly I am neither an international visitor nor a parent. I may well be jaded (yes), stupid (rather), or child-unfriendly (broadly). I just don't get why Liberty Inn is a thing. Do you?

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/21

Ah, but let us pour one out for Daily Mile. The run tracker I've been using for at least five years died yesterday. I finished yesterday's run and then, like I always do, immediately opened my phone to track my time and mileage. And then I frowned, deleted the Daily Mile app, and shoved my phone back into my pocket. An era has ended.

Anyway, anyone have any suggestions for a new run tracking site? Right now I'm looking at Strava because it's all you ever hear about, but it seems much more complicated. I just want to input my freaking runs and there are tooooo many doohickeys cluttered up the screen. Anything simpler but also free you can recommend?

Speaking of workouts, things were pretty quiet last week, it being my post-marathon rest week and all. Here's what we've got:

Monday | walked 2.04 miles outside in 35 minutes; 55 minute ballet class

Tuesday | rest
Can't remember why I didn't walk. Crappy weather, probably. No, wait, I think I took my car to get its oil changed on my lunch break. Yeah, that's the one.

Wednesday | walked 2 miles outside in 35 minutes

Thursday | walked walked 2.06 miles outside in 35 minutes
Skipped ballet to go to the MVA. Found out while there I was missing paperwork. Needless to say it was a thrilling evening.

Friday | walked 2.09 miles outside in 35 minutes

Saturday | rest

And here's the roundup:

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

In Which Jenn Eats An Enormous Cookie Sandwich

I'll just come out and say it: I've had zebra domes and I think they're... fine.

Mind you, that was almost a decade ago now; maybe my tastebuds misremember. But all I can recall about my zebra dome experience is that it was tasty enough but underwhelming after all the hype.

So when I found myself at The Mara, the Animal Kingdom Lodge food court, perusing the bakery case for a post-marathon* treat, I did not first go to the refrigerator case for zebra domes. I was after bigger fish. Sorry, not fish; SUGAR.

Although there were many interesting cupcakes and such to be had, my eye was on the Kudu Cookie, a massive confection stuffed with my number one favorite food: FROSTING. (No joke, my favorite food is frosting. FIGHT ME.)

The Disney menu describes this spectacular confection as a butterscotch cashew cookie with vanilla buttercream. Close, but you forgot an important note, Disney: it's a butterscotch cookie SANDWICH. There are two of those babies, dipped in white chocolate and garnished with a dark chocolate piece.

So we know it looks spectacular. But the taste? It is unabashed SUGAR. An assault of the sugar senses. If you do not like sweet things, you will NOT enjoy this. I do, so I did, with an important caveat: as I often complain, I thought the ratios were off. The cookies, while of pleasant texture, were maybe a bit too hefty and crunchy for the frosting, of which there was not enough. But then I never think there's enough frosting. Next time I'll just bring a can.

Overall it was a pleasant experience for your friendly neighborhood dessert monster, but if I came back I'd try something else. Nyala peanut butter brownie, I'm coming for you!

* I wound up eating it immediately upon getting back to my room. Sue me.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

In Which Jenn's Dad Offers A Marathon Insight

My parents don't have a ton of opinions on my running career. They think the exercise is good, of course, but they're not into it or anything. They've never come out to spectate or what have you. Likewise, they've never discouraged me from running either. Their thought process regarding my running is pretty John Oliverian, all told.

But occasionally they'll offer an insight, and here's a good one from my dad.

After the Wrightsville Beach Marathon, my parents and I met up with my honorary aunt and uncle for dinner downtown. "So are you going to go home tomorrow and run again?" my uncle asked.

"Oh, no," I said. "I have next week off. I always take a week off post-marathon. The best part of a marathon is the week you don't run after!"

"I see," replied my dad. "So it's kind of like beating your head against the wall because it feels so good when you stop."

And... I kinda can't argue with that.

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Thursday, March 14, 2019

In Which Jenn Has A New runDisney Race Outfit

Y'know how I said that I've developed a Minnie ears addiction? Well, I have to justify those purchases SOMEHOW, and on my last trip I did it by planning a brand new runDisney race outfit around my new pair of ears!

Normally I wait to post these until it's almost race time, but I'm just too excited to wait. Behold, during my next runDisney race I shall be running as...


You may remember those pants as the pair I stole off a mannequin that one time, and I think the stripes vibe old school Epcot.

The shirt I got off Etsy; there are lot of shirts available there thanking the Phoenicians and to be honest this wasn't my favorite BUT I thought it was one of the more readily legible. That's important for spectator callouts! I also like that it was available on a tank. Unfortunately it's not tech material, but I did a test run in it and didn't suffer any chafing so I think it's fine.

As per usual with my race outfits, it's less a costume so much as an homage, but I think it's pretty evocative of the source material. I look forward to my next race and thanking the Phoenicians left a right!

P.S. Does anyone know if there's a perfume that smells like Rome burning?

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/13

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present... a post-marathon body in a state that does not worry me!

Okay, that's a weird thing to say. Let me explain.

After the Marine Corps Marathon, my inner knee was doing its weird unexplained one-day-delayed pain thing. After the WDW Marathon, my inner knee was fine but my IT Band, which I THOUGHT I had fixed years ago, acted up a bit. After the Wrightsville Beach Marathon last weekend? I am fine!

Frickin' IT Band.

Well, to be clear, I am definitely stiff and sore in areas. I do think I have some imbalance areas to correct. And my inner knee did hurt the tiniest little bit for a hot second the next day. But any pain was all gone by Monday. Nothing wrong with me now that a little rest and some stretching can't fix, baby!

And on that happy note, let us proceed to the workout recap:

Sunday | ran 5.08 miles outside in 50 minutes

Monday | walked 2 miles outside in 35 minutes; 55 minute ballet class

Wednesday | ran 3.21 miles outside in 30 minutes

Thursday | walked 2.13 miles outside in 35 minutes
Skipped ballet to do laundry and prep for my race weekend.

Friday | rest
Drove down to North Carolina, stopping first at UNC Wilmington for bib pickup and the race expo. I'd say it's a medium-sized race, and it has a medium-sized expo to match, but several local businesses and running stores were represented. I grabbed my bib and bought a couple energy gels, but mostly I wanted lunch so I didn't linger long.

Saturday | Wrightsville Beach Marathon
I lived!

Roundup time!

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