Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/31

JENN: How was your week? Did you run at all?

MOON: Ja! I had two pretty good runs and yesterday I experienced a slow, excruciating run.

JENN: Oh, those are always good times. Outside or on the treadmill?

MOON: Ha, treadmill. The weather still plays with us.

JENN: So it does. I demand 60 degrees morning minimum or nice outdoor dice.

MOON: If the weather is still stupid by Cherry Blossom Run, I will be the saddest runner there. I mean, it SNOWED on Saturday.

JENN: Did it? Missed that. But it was certainly cold. It can't possibly be worse than the WDW 5K - it was 37 degrees.

MOON: You're more south than me, I was in Baltimore. I've begun the moving process once again...

JENN: Oh, right right!

MOON: I'll be moving (the cat and I) the week leading up to the race. I must admit I'm a bit worried about training and stress.

JENN: It's only ten miles, though - you've got this!

MOON: Yes, but my first outdoor run is always bllleeehhh. Andddddd, I have no access to a treadmill for a week.

JENN: Ah, yes. So hopefully it'll be mild enough for outdoor running!

MOON: I hope so. I also hope my cat doesn't kill me in my sleep. She's a nervous lady and I think living with Christian permanently is going to be quite a change for her. Her version of adjusting last time was crying all morning and not pooping for four days >_>... Cats. Am I right?

JENN: You are indeed correct.


MOON: You ready for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler?! Team Tigerz, wot!

JENN: I am! I actually got my full 30 miles in last week AND I got new sneakers! (More on the latter later.) I'm going to do a slightly taper just so my legs are fresher but since ten miles is a standard distance for me I'm not too worried.

MOON: Standard distance for me is 5, so I'm working my way up there. Tonight or tomorrow I'm going to do a 10-mile run to see how it goes. Yesterday I'm going to blame my terrible run on tiredness.

JENN: Makes sense to me. Shake it out!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

In Which Elizabeth Remembers WDW As Best She Can

JENN: Hi guys! Please welcome once again my frequent partner-in-crime Elizabeth! I wanted to bring her in because it occurred to me that it might be interesting to find out what INfrequent WDW visitors remember from their trips. As it's been awhile since Elizabeth was there, she's a perfect candidate.

I believe the last time I dragged you down was January of 2012, correct?

ELIZABETH: That sounds right.

JENN: I'm curious as to what sticks in your mind. From any trip, really. Basically, free associate!

ELIZABETH: Well, the most distinctive thing from the last visit was definitely Captain EO! I think we saw it twice.

JENN: It is indeed memorable.

ELIZABETH: It was awesome because I went in with no expectations and got Michael Jackson in his prime; and since by the time I was old enough to pay attention to music he was already super creepy, it was a nice change.

Let's see... oh! Our attempted Around the World drinking in Epcot was also fun (if ultimately a failed venture).

JENN: Hey, that wasn't our fault! Epcot should've stayed open just for us!

ELIZABETH: Those jerks! And I remember watching some street performers there between drinks who I thought were amusing, although that could have been the alcohol.

JENN: You mean the French guy who balanced on chairs, maybe? Or, wait! The World Showcase Players?!

ELIZABETH: I feel like they were English dudes...unfortunately that's about all I remember: English dudes who were funny.

JENN: Yes!

ELIZABETH: I remember the French guy with chairs, though! Also impressive.

JENN: I LOVE the World Showcase Players! I'm so sad they're gone. :(

ELIZABETH: They're gone?! ;-; Oh well...

JENN: Yeah. :( :(

ELIZABETH: Everest and the safari ride are definitely the most memorable parts of the Animal Kingdom for me at least. Oh and the Dinosaur ride, mostly because the first time I rode it I was terrified. Pro tip: don't sit on the outside of the row in Dinosaur unless you're extremely brave (the first time at least).

JENN: Yeah, that one can be pretty intense.

ELIZABETH: I don't have many really strong memories about MGM or whatever it's called now, except trying to get you to watch the Alien part of the Great American Movie Ride.

JENN: UGH. Ugh, I say!

ELIZABETH: What else? Oh, I almost forgot about Test Track! I always enjoy that ride, and Mission Space (Epcot has all the best things, it's really not fair).

The Magic Kingdom I always remember the dark rides, and Splash Mountain is cute, but I mostly remember being annoyed about how they get the meaning of the "Good Morning" song wrong.

JENN: Haha, that's true! It's supposed to be great to stay up late.


I'm interested about the new Snow White castle they have there: it's done now, yes?

JENN: You mean the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?


JENN: It's short but cute; you'll have to come back with me and see! ^_^

How about food/drinks? Anything stand out?

ELIZABETH: Oh yes. Hmm. Weirdly, I always enjoy the place in Epcot where you can try all the weird sodas [Club Cool], and every place in Epcot has good food, pretty much. Last time you insisted that I speak French to our waiter in the French cafe, which was amusing :) And memorable! He was very nice about it once I explained that I would be talking in French but you would need to communicate in English.

JENN: Was that the guy in Chefs de France who asked us what he should see in America while he was there?

ELIZABETH: Yes! Hahaha, poor guy. I don't remember what we said. Probably something about how the DC area has a lot of sights/free museums.

High tea is always a highlight, of course. And I remember splitting a lot of desserts with you (which were all delicious) but not a lot of specifics. Of the Around the World drinks, though, the Kir Royal in France was probably my favorite.

JENN: Haha, yeah, that one's always good. Any other particularly strong memories?

ELIZABETH: Well honestly, one of my favorite memories of WDW is from the first time we went in high school and it was right before the park closed for the day (or right before we had to leave, I forget which), and we went on the Jungle Cruise ride because it had no line. I was not expecting much, but I remember being really entertained by the cast member, and it was just a really nice way to end the day at the park.

JENN: I remember that - it was a great trip down the river. :)

ELIZABETH: So not very exciting, but for some reason I always think of that when I try to think of fun Disney memories.

JENN: Anything to add?

ELIZABETH: Hmmm. I could say something about how it's all about the people who are on the trip with you, but that's a bit too cheesy for me. My last thought can be that I'm always pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy the street performers/live shows. Stick around and watch them!

JENN: Yay! Thanks so much for helping me out - I'll drag you back to WDW yet. ^_^

ELIZABETH: Hahaha, you don't have to drag, I'll come willingly! We should come up with a good time to start planning for. :-)

JENN: Maybe if Moon and I do the Princess Half in February you can come too!

What's your strongest Disney parks memory?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/25

MOON: How was your weeeeeeek?!

JENN: Not baaaaad.


MOON: (I love typing with hyperbole!)

JENN: Haha, good. How was Florida?

MOON: Florida was nice, but my goodness was I reminded of the treacherous humid conditions

JENN: That sounds lovely. We haven't even broken 70 degrees here yet (fingers crossed for Thursday!).

Did you get a run in?

MOON: I did! We ran three times! Besides almost being run over a few times, it was a nice place to run!

JENN: Haha, where were you running?

MOON: Sarasota, a main drag somewhereee.

JENN: So like a road? No beach?

MOON: The beach a little, but I always get shoes full of sand. >_>... Mostly the road.

JENN: Ah, well. At least it was warm!

MOON: Yes! How was your week?

JENN: Not bad. I actually did some speed work and it didn't suck as hard as I thought it would. Mind you, I wasn't going REALLY fast for REALLY long, but I topped out at 7.5 mph and that's a hell of a lot speedier than usual.

Okay, so, maybe the readers can tell me if I'm doing it wrong: I did 5 minutes at 5.5, then 1 minute each at 7.5, 7, 6.5, and then 2 minutes at 6 mph. Repeat that ten minute set three times, ten minutes again at 5.5 to cool down, and done. Yes? Is that right? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME IF I SUCK AT THIS.

MOON: Nice! Ha, this week I tried to tell myself it was okay to not go faster. XD

JENN: I tell myself that all the time. It's basically my rallying cry.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In Which Jenn Discusses Dopey Takeaways

And now here we are, at the finish line, as it were. My final Dopey trip post. Only took me two and half months to get there!

Not that there is, sadly, much more to say on the subject, but I did want to do a quick rundown of my takeaways from the whole Dopey Challenge experience. For those who are new to the runDisney table, the Dopey Challenge is a part of the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend where you do ALL the races. The 5K. The 10K. The half. The full. One a day, one right after the other. It's not nearly as crazy as it sounds - but it does change up the game a little.

For starters, I found I definitely had to toss my plans and chill. For the average person (and by average I mean "like me") the Dopey Challenge is NO PLACE for any kind of PR. Unless it's a PR in Worstness. Don't push. Slow down. Enjoy. And I know - there's a certain amount of DUH! there - but I don't think you truly understand how calm and relaxed you have to be until it's happening to you.

So yeah, slow down and enjoy - but I do think the Dopey makes the enjoy part harder. Your headspace is swirling with what left there is to do, and usually that's a LOT. For that reason, I wouldn't say Dopey is for everyone; you need a strong mental game as much as if not more so than physical. That having been said, even if it does suck some of the fun out of running, it definitely amps up the pride factor. I am decidedly pleased with myself for finishing the challenge.

Speaking of headspace, I found that my moral was actually lowest right before the half. During the 5K and 10K, I could at least comfort myself with the knowledge that it would all be over soon. During the half, I knew I was a solid two and half hours and more away from a hot shower, and then I had to run a freakin' marathon the next day. If I ever do it again, I will arrange some sort of pick-me-up for that morning.

Oh, and make sure you prepare for EVERYTHING, and by everything I mean cold. Bring more throwaways than you think you'll need. I think we get complacent because it's Florida, but it's still January and anything can happen.

The races themselves were actually pretty okay. I was pretty much the exact opposite of lightning fast but I didn't injure myself and I was never in the slightest danger of getting swept. I will say that I needed a LOT a LOT A LOT A LOT A LOT more food than usual, especially during the marathon. When I ran the Marine Corps Marathon, I ate a couple snacks Nicole had given me beforehand and then a pack and a half of Clif Shot Bloks because I dropped the second pack like an idiot and I was fine. But for the final leg of Dopey I ate two full packs plus like three energy gels and a banana. You're expending a TON of energy over the four days of the Dopey Challenge and should I repeat the experience I will bring more sustenance out on the course.

And! BRING RUNNING BUDDIES. I say that as a person who usually does NOT run with buddies, and often prefers to get lost in her music and zone. Well, under normal circumstances that's fine, but under the grueling miles of the Dopey Challenge that's no way to live. KRaut and KVac totally made my marathon. Could I have finished without them? Sure. Would I have kept as high a morale and plugged along as steadily? Not even close.

Here's the ultimate thing about Dopey, though. Since I ran my first marathon, every half marathon has sounded like total cake. After having run Dopey, my reaction to a marathon, plain and simple all by itself, is this: oh, is that all?

One more thing - there was a girl in corral J who recognized me and Katherine and said she liked our blogs. I failed to get her name like a moron but I just wanted to say: if you're out there, random girl, thanks so much!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Fairest Trip Report of All: La Cava del Tequila Review

The trip report is over, but I still have a couple of posts left in me! In particular, food reviews. If you want to catch up on my Dopey experience, you can read all the posts in this particular trip report here. Ready? Let's go! 

And now we come to my final food review from our Dopey trip. Sigh. Don't worry, though; I saved a good one for the finale!

Today we're talking about that shining beacon of Epcot: La Cava del Tequila. Furnisher of my first ever tequila shot, this comparatively new restaurant holds a special place in my heart. For that, but also for their spectacular margaritas.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Pat and I unexpectedly wound up eating here to, as miraculously, around 2PM in the afternoon, there was practically no one there. I've heard about people stampeding in when they open, so this was a surprise to me, but in no time flat we were seated at our own little table and everything. It was awesome.

I don't remember our server's name, but I remember Pat noting that her badge said that she was, in fact, from Tequila, Mexico. She was not particularly bubbly but got the job done.

Pat, being a traditionalist, got a standard house margarita, which he declared quite well done. As for me, well - I always think about branching out, honest I do, but I just had to order my beloved cucumber margarita. First off, it comes with a CHILI SALT rim, which is basically the best thing ever. Add to that the legit big chunks of cucumber that float inside the drink that suck up the flavor and then explode between my teeth when I fish them out of the dregs. LOVE.

On to the snacks! We ordered chips with a trio of dips: guacamole, salsa, and queso. The guacamole was good but not revolutionary; nothing made it stand out. We were not huge fans of the salsa as we both like a fine chop and this was more on the chunky side. The queso was really good, creamy without getting all congealed at the top like they sometimes do. Not much a kick, though - they should give you a spicy option.

So we munched on chips and sipped our margaritas and chatted about our trip and nothing much happened, but it was one of those quiet happy times that make me love Walt Disney World so much. Long live World Showcase!

That about wraps up the food reviews I wanted to hit from my January trip. Sad face. But I still have one more post - happy face! Up next: my Dopey takeaways. In the immortal words of Gene Starwind: you better get ready!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

In Which Jenn Registers For The Wine & Dine Half

Yeah baby yeah!

Wait, 12:01AM start time?

The time for agonizing was over. All that remained was registration. Which I did. Step one complete! Woo! And it's a good thing I was on top of it - the race sold out in under an hour. God forbid I had a meeting or something at noon. (And I think it's cute that they note a price increase if you register after March 31.)

It's up in the air now who will be going with me - initially it was my mother, and then Pat said he MIGHT come too, ask him about that later, and then my mom was like, oh, he doesn't want to hang out with me, if he comes I won't, and I was just like SOMEBODY COME WITH ME AHHH. But I'm sure someone will. All I need to do is figure out if I can buy a plane ticket for one of them and then switch the name later if necessary... Oh, and I want Pop Century this time!

Anyway. Wine & Dine! I didn't think I'd do it this year and yet here I am. Here I am, thinking how fun it would be to run the WDW Marathon again. But NO. Unless someone wants to hand me a fistful of large bills (and please don't let me stop you), I am sticking to W&D for now. And possibly Princess. And/or the Disneyland Paris Half. Maybe. Only Pat and I want to go to Morocco too - the real one, not the Epcot one. TRAVEL WHY ARE YOU SO EXPENSIVE.

So! Enough of that. Who will be at Wine & Dine with me?

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/17

JENN: HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! (And Wine & Dine registration day!)

MOON: Yay for the Patron Saint of Ireland!

JENN: Unfortunately, the holiday does mean I'll probably fall short of my running goals this week as I won't be able to block out large enough chunks of time for my usual long runs.

On the positive side, the reason for this is twofold: my boyfriend is playing bass in the St. Patty's Day celebration bar band, and then on Friday I'm going to a party where they have a dog. So, good times, at least!

MOON: Oh, that's nice!! I'll be on my way to Florida, so I suppose no partaking in festivities for me, but on that note: WARMTHHH.

JENN: Oooh, what are you doing in Florida without me???

MOON: Don't worry, I'll be on the west coast of Florida not standing in front of Disney Things. I'm off to enjoy the weather and spend a few days with the boyfriend chillin' by the pool (ocean), relaxin' all cool.

JENN: Just make sure to steer clear of the couple of guys who are up to no good.

Did you run at all last week?

MOON: I did!! And I'm excited to do some running in the warm weather... Christian and I must get ready for the Cherry Blossom run!

JENN: Indeed! You're totally gonna smoke me. I managed to cram in a little over 29 miles this week, just shy of my weekly goal, but I know I'm gonna fall short this week unless by some miracle I feel REALLY REALLY GOOD during my Thursday run.

MOON: Ehh, I've been taking a while to get back on track after being sick. I'm sure we'll be pushing each other on. :)

JENN: Eh, well, I'll be slacking by 5-10 miles this week, so maybe we're even!

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