The Disney Dining Leftovers: Roaring Fork At Wilderness Lodge

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It’s trip report time yet again! Come along on my long weekend trip to Walt Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon. Just one more post about some food at Roaring Fork, and then I’ll be done, I swear. You can see all the post in this report here. Onward!

My Princess Half Marathon trip was so short I don’t have that many random food reviews left! But I do have one, and it is that most important of Disney dining items: the breakfast sandwich.


I LOVE breakfast sandwiches – so much so that I am dedicated to trying all the breakfast sandwiches Disney has to offer. On this trip, I was able to give the breakfast sandwich from Roaring Fork a try.

Roaring Fork is Wilderness Lodge’s quick service restaurant. If you’re used to the sprawling, multi-bay, expansive food courts of the value resorts like Pop Century, think again – the space and the menu at this deluxe resort are comparatively small. Still, it has everything you’d normally expect (including grab ‘n go and a bakery case), and is perfectly serviceable for a convenient meal. It was the perfect spot to grab a quick breakfast the day before the race.

The Roaring Fork menu offers a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant breakfast sandwich, described as a croissant filled with bacon and a cheese omelet. Uh, yeah, that seems about right.

This was really good! The croissant was warmed and crispy without being over-toasted. The bacon was sorta thing and unimpressive, but the portion was generous. And the texture of the eggs suggested they might be real and not that powdered stuff?! Obviously I didn’t see them being made, but if they do begin their journey as powder, someone is really talented at transformation. That plus a healthy amount of cheese makes for a satisfying if unoriginal sandwich – although I do think it’s American. Cheddar would be better, but perhaps one can’t have everything.

The unadvertised breakfast potatoes on the side needed some additional salt; other than that, not bad. The peppers are a nice touch.

This sandwich platter isn’t worth traveling for; still, it’s definitely worth eating if you’re around and into breakfast sandwiches. Which you should be. They are AWESOME.


Aside from the breakfast sandwich, I did purchase one other thing from Roaring Fork, and that was an all-important post-Princess Half Marathon dessert. While Wilderness Lodge does have specialty bakery items – including a very cute campfire s’mores cupcake – my primary concern tends to be frosting ratio. Basically, I am in it for the frosting first; the cake is secondary.

Which is how I wound up purchasing the same generic vanilla-cupcake-with-Mickey-sprinkles every resort offers. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this cupcake is made with box yellow cake mix and canned vanilla frosting. Believe it or not, this is fine with me. I love canned vanilla frosting, and I rarely eat the cake anyway.

Roaring Fork cupcake

Look, sometimes you don’t want fancy flavors in cute shapes. Sometimes you want the flavor equivalent of sheet cake. If so, get a generic Disney cupcake; you won’t be disappointed. (Although you’d probably be just as happy in the Publix bakery section. I bet I would.)

Anyway, does anyone want the bottom, cake part? It might still be in the room fridge.


This is the last ancillary post I have planned for my Princess Half Marathon Weekend trip report. I don’t know how that makes you feel, but it makes me feel pretty darn sad. And me without a trip currently planned until January. The horror! We’ll see if that sticks.

In the meantime, we’ll always have the many thousands of words I dropped on the subject. Plus the bajillion others. But don’t worry; I have plenty of other words I’d like to throw at you in the coming months, including race recaps, Disney miscellany, and more. Until next time, friend!

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised by that breakfast sandwich! Like you said, not something to go out of your way for, but if you’re at Wilderness Lodge I’d definitely grab it vs. waiting to get something quick in the parks for breakfast.

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