In Which Jenn & Moon Hit the Post-Workout Showers

Mulan bath

JENN: A few weeks ago I was nearing the end of a run and was motivating myself by promising I could use my expensive facial cleansers when I showered afterward. And then I realized, hey, that could be a post!

So, Moon, do you have any Shower Rewards?

MOON: I have a great facial mask I like to use. It’s the Clear Improvement mask by Origins. I do that right before I shower and it feels very refreshing to my skin.

JENN: Moon is the one who turned me on to Origins products, which are delightful to use. They are less delightfully priced, however; hence the “treat” aspect. I tend to use them only after a good run. I have the Checks and Balances cleanser and the Modern Friction exfoliator, although that one can be kind of intense so I don’t always use it.

MOON: Modern Friction is amazing. I have had the same bottle since April. I don’t use it very often!

Shower stuff
Rock star. That is to say, awesome yet kind of abrasive.

JENN: It definitely is amazing! I just keep it to twice a week so I don’t irritate my skin. When I do use it, my face is smooooooooth. I also have a charcoal exfoliator I got in my ipsy bag that’s much gentler, so I use that on other days – Michael Todd’s jojoba and charcoal facial scrub.

Mostly I’m just frickin’ thrilled to have made it to the shower. The post-workout shower may be the best part of the whole business.

Have you ever been too hot to shower?

JENN: Psh, of course not. You’re talking to a girl who was fine and dandy in Orlando in August.

MOON: Ah, riiiiight! Well, I usually have to wait a half hour or so before I can get in the shower. It is better than getting out of the shower still sweating. I was just curious if anyone else experienced that…

JENN: We’ll have to poll the audience!

Well? Does anyone else need to wait to shower? What’s your post-workout shower ritual? Do you treat yourself with any products?

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