The Fairest Week in Review: 9/30

Riker runs

Good morning, sunshines! As you might have guessed from that disgustingly cheery opening, I survived my second half marathon, even as it was outside of the warm Disney embrace. Did I meet my time goal? If you follow us on Twitter you know; if not, you’ll have to wait until later this week to find out! You won’t want to miss it – I get REALLY excited about a bagel.

Also on the blog post docket for the week: Moon hops in on a post with me; plus I GOT NEW SNEAKERS!!! Can you tell that I may or may not be mildly to moderately excited for this prospect? Guessing game: what did I buy?

Could it be one of these? Is this a trick question?
Did I stick with the same model as before?!

As for last week’s training, I think my post about tapering pretty much says it all. And for music, are you aware that Counting Crows is an amazing band? “Mr. Jones” is my song, but “Angels of the Silences” is great for running. So is “Sessions.”

Anyway. Now for the reason you’re really here: the roundup.

Through Heather’s Looking Glass has a the hookup for a custom running tutu – and your money goes to a great cause!
– Speaking of things you wear while running, Pink Elephant on Parade has something to say about running shorts that I proudly cosign.
– Hold the phone – you can run a marathon in Antarctica? Fairytales and Fitness has the scoop.
Road Runner Girl highlights some really funny runner e-cards.
Running at Disney points of some new runDisney merchandise at In related news, I just started my Christmas list.
Pumkpin to Princess attempts to answer that age-old question: do slow runners have any place in the racing world? (Yes. Duh. Silly Complainypants McGees!)
Dad runs Disney discusses training fuel, something I for one am still working on figuring out.
– And to counteract all that exercise, here is a cupcake parfait full of icing that I want more than any other foodstuff ever, courtesy of the irrepressible Disney Food Blog.

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