In Which Moon Has A Brilliant Idea


JENN: Well, this was your brainchild. Would you like to explain our new project?

MOON: Okay. We were in a Disney park (Disneyland) for the billionth time and I realized that most of my photos of Jenn are her… in front of Disney property.

JENN: Where I belong.

MOON: And EVERYONE blogs these days… Soooooo, a Tumblr!

JENN: Entitled “Jenn In Front of Disney Things.” Featuring Jenn in front of Disney things.

As the artist behind this innovative new media installation, what do you hope your work will say to the masses?

MOON: Jenn effing loves Walt Disney World?

Jenn: A Study Of Identity and a Sense of Home.

JENN: Glorious.I guess we’ll have to go back to WDW for more material.

MOON: Well, if I can source Facebook for a moment: there are roughly 650 photos of you tagged. I believe, according to your photo maps, 611 of those were taken in WDW. I found that rather telling.

JENN: Oh, that can’t be right… can it? No. That can’t be right. I don’t think.

MOON: We also have PLENTY of photos for now, no need to return to WDW so soon


Anyway. Jenn In Front Of Disney Things: a tumblr for a generation. Or something.

MOON: By the way, we might market this hard.You’ll get what I’m saying next week. We have a single dropping.

JENN: Get your iPods ready!

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