The Fairest Week In Review: 5/27


JENN: How was your extended weekend? Did you run at all?

MOON: This is terrible, but for the second week in a row: noooo. This week has been a sick week…

JENN: Oh no! If you’re feeling ill it’s probably better not to run, so it’s good that you’re taking precautions. Are matters improving?

MOON: Yeah, yesterday was actually a pretty okay day for me! What about you? How were your runs?

JENN: Not bad! I tried running outside again last week and it sucked. And then I did it again on Sunday out of necessity and miraculously it DIDN’T suck (more on this tomorrow). Mind you, I only did five miles, but still. It’s a start! It probably helped that I was at the beach for the weekend and I got to run along the bay-side coast.

MOON: That sounds great. What beach did you go to?

JENN: Dewey in Delaware, as a belated celebration of my roommate’s birthday. I’d never been before. There sure are a lot of drunk people at all hours!

MOON: Well, it is a small stretch of beach for so many people!

JENN: I’m hoping that this jump starts a more successful outdoor running career. We should try tackling the airport loop trail again.

MOON: Okay! Give me a few weeks to get back into things and I’ll be all set.

JENN: And this time we can go the right direction. Not that I didn’t enjoy accidentally running through the Bowie train station, mind you.

MOON: Ha, we got a good 6 miles out of going the wrong direction last time at least.


JENN: Now let’s head the right direction with the roundup.

Survive the infamous runDisney expo with The Runner’s Guide to WDW.
Add some Disney songs to your running playlist with Why I Run Disney.
We Run Disney has some good safety advice.
Construct a dream runDisney race with The Run Streak.
Disney Every Day confirms the existence of the Disneyland Paris half.
The Adult Side of Disney voluntEARs.
Eating WDW eats a Yoda cupcake just for me.
Sidestep sunburn with WDW for Grownups. (I am SO MAD at myself for successfully avoiding sunburn until the very last day of vacation. Way to go, me.)
Bwana Blog has awesome news: there’s a new kind of tiger at DAK!

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