Running wild

In Which Jenn Runs In Dewey Beach

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent the Memorial Day weekend in Dewey Beach, DE. View from our porch. I wasn’t mad. And for once, I actually DID get in the run I said I’d make time for during vacation! Surprise! If you’ve ever been to Dewey, you know it’s pretty darned crowded. When I first stepped out, I was dodging pedestrians left and right. A giant group of about ten guys had the sidewalk completely blocked; I am supremely proud of myself for dancing right on through the group without touching anyone. They never knew what didn’t hit them....

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The Fairest Week In Review: 5/27

JENN: How was your extended weekend? Did you run at all? MOON: This is terrible, but for the second week in a row: noooo. This week has been a sick week… JENN: Oh no! If you’re feeling ill it’s probably better not to run, so it’s good that you’re taking precautions. Are matters improving? MOON: Yeah, yesterday was actually a pretty okay day for me! What about you? How were your runs? JENN: Not bad! I tried running outside again last week and it sucked. And then I did it again on Sunday out of necessity and miraculously it DIDN’T suck (more on this...

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