The Fairest Week In Review: 6/03




MOON: Well, generally uneventful. There were awkward repairmen in the gym all up on my treadmill while I was running.

JENN: Oh, yes, that’s always a little weird.

MOON: You’re probably thinking, “3.5… whoopee.” Buuuut, I haven’t run since my return from Israel. Yesterday I found myself really missing it.

JENN: Hey, anything is better than nothing! 😀 Just gotta build it back up.

MOON: It won’t be too hard, I think. Last week 1 miles was easy (I seriously had like 8 minutes to run before an appointment). Today 3.5 was pretty easy.

JENN: Awesome! You and Christian are looking for a race to run together, right?

MOON: Yeah!

JENN: Any contenders?

MOON: There’s one in Chicago I think I might like… It’s a half. I need to go to Chicago at some point, so it might work out.

How was your week?

JENN: I’ve been running outside more than usual and it’s weird. I am SO MUCH FASTER on a treadmill. On the other hand, I think it’s really important that I improve my handling of actual real word incline and terrain. I mean, right now my handling of said incline is still “walk for a bit,” but baby steps, baby steps.

MOON: I agree.

JENN: Any good music on your 3.5 MILE RUN?

MOON: A mixture of things, but I’m currently delving into remixes. Nothing too notable without context. You?

JENN: Not… really. I need to step up my musical game.

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