In Which Jenn Talks About the Weather

Kuzco rain

Last week we had a good, solid summer storm, during which I managed to fit in a good, solid Target run because I was already out post-ballet class anyway and what’s a little rain?

That is today’s question: what’s a little rain? Or rather, a BIG rain, because while rain is no big deal in a car, it can become a problem when you’re trying to get a run in.

And someone was. As I drove home from the store, I saw a guy jogging on the sidewalk, multitudinous raindrops be damned. Also, did I mention the lightning? Because THERE WAS A LOT OF LIGHTNING.

I know, I know – as a treadmill lover, I don’t understand the call of the wild (although I’m working on it). Some people don’t even have access to a treadmill in the first place. When you need to get that run in, be it because you’ve got a training plan to follow or you’re just that antsy, it can be hard to sit back in the face of bad weather.

Still: LIGHTNING, people. LIGHTNING. Doesn’t that get unsafe?

My questions to you are, like the aforementioned raindrops, multitudinous:

  1. When does running outside become unsafe?

  2. How hard does it have to be raining before you give up the running ghost?

  3. What other weather phenomenon keep you off the road?

  4. Have you ever gone out and run in conditions that were… well, stupid?

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  1. When I started training for my first half, I didn't have access to a treadmill, and I was still (desperately) trying to finish a training plan that would get me to run 30 minutes straight…anyway, during that time, I remember I did a run in the rain and I LOVED it. I wasn't wearing the right jacket though and there was definitely no lightening. Heavy rain, I can handle. Life threatening lightening strike? I'll pass.

  2. I can see enjoying a light rain, but I think I'd need a hat and some goggles for a heavy! Yeah, the lightning part is what really made me doubt this guy's sanity…

  3. Why hello there south Florida, thunder and lightning storm capital of the world. The minute I start seeing those flashes or hear rumbling, homeward bound I go. My road crew, aka hubby and mutt, will also come and pick me up if he sees the weather's turning bad. We've had too many incidents of people getting struck by lightning down here even if it looked like it was miles away. NOT something to mess with!

  4. Ah, yes, great call on the road crew! I am unfortunately often remiss in telling anyone I'm going out – but I do always bring my phone, so I could call someone in case of emergency.

  5. I am a treadmill runner too!!! Finally! Someone in the same boat as me! 🙂

    Unless I am racing, pretty much anything keeps me indoors. There aren't a lot of good, safe places to run where I live, so I find the treadmill works. I recently did my first run in all out rain–was great until I wore a hole into my heel thanks to nine miles of wet sock rubbing. I have vowed to never do that again for a training run…no matter what rewards are promised at the end. lol.

    The craziest weather I have ever run in has been the odd New Year's day 5K when it's been -45 degrees or colder with the wind chill. That is pretty intense and it's hard to breathe and even see as the frost quickly accumulates on your eyelashes, making them stick together. ~Lisa


    Dang! Is this a formal 5K? That's crazy that the race organizers would just be like, "Okay, guys, off you go into the freezing wind!"

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