In Which Moon & Elizabeth Run With Nuns

Elizabeth Moon

Guys! Guess what! Two fantastic things happened this past weekend:

1. Moon ran a race.

2. Elizabeth raced, too!

And one excellent thing is happening right now:

Moon is writing a solo blog post (!!). This, I know, does not happen very often. I’m rather excited to be bringing news other than “Hey, I ran this past week and it wasn’t bad.”

For the past few months I’ve been pondering doing more small races that benefit community causes. I’ve also been scheming to coerce Elizabeth into running. I found the perfect race: Little Sisters of the Poor Nun Run 5k and 1 Mile Run/Walk (and yes, there were indeed some sisters running!).

These humble ladies dedicate their lives to helping those in need and this was their inaugural race. About 800 people were signed up as of the evening before the race took place and I know that there were quite a few who signed up the morning of the race.

The race commenced on the morning of Saturday, September 13. The drive to the race seemed ill-fated with the onset of rain, but for as rainy as the rest of the day proved to be, I’m glad that we made it through without a downpour.

There were a good number of first-time racers and a lot of families and friends running together. It was a great environment for a fun and easy run! The route took us up quite a few hills for such a short distance, but it felt good to have the challenge. I’m hoping next year they expand the route a bit more (10k perhaps?!).

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