The Fairest Week In Review: 9/16

Cupcake Sandwich

JENN: So how was your training last week?

MOON: It was good! Since returning from Europe I’ve been slowly building back to my baseline. How was your training?

JENN: Not bad. I had a minor panic attack about the Marine Corps Marathon being less than two months away so I went and ran a 15 miler. Next week: 17.

MOON: Psh, you got it!

JENN:  I certainly hope so! I feel… pretty… okay about it. I intend to eat a giant cupcake after.

MOON: I hope it is piled high with frosting. 😉

JENN: Psh, who you talkin’ to? Maybe I’ll just MAKE frosting and eat it directly out of the bowl. After a marathon, what is dignity?

MOON: I’ll personally make you any type of frosting you want when you finish.

JENN: ! What are my options?

MOON: Seriously, I could make you durian flavor if you wanted. Anything for you!

JENN: I don’t think durian will be necessary… I will have to think on this! What would be your ultimate post-marathon food reward?

MOON: Hmmmmm. Probably something spicy. Probably a soup. Spicy soups are my favorite. We’ll go with spicy soup if it’s a winter run. OH! Red bean ice cream. That works.

JENN: Ohhh, good call. Let’s put it to the readers, too – what’s your ultimate post-marathon munch?

And on that note: roundup.

Pink Elephant on Parade gets up early to run. Blehhhhhh.
The Run Streak wants to know where the boy-targeted races are.
– Turfing it back to the girls: Half Crazy Mama has sports bra suggestions.
We Run Disney knows just how to crush marathon training.
Black Dog Runs Disney considers the coolest Disney careers.
Eating & Drinking Around the World holds the coming Food & Wine Festival against previous years. (SO excited for my first F&W! Clearly.)
The Disney Hipsters point out that Elsa CAN’T go to Taco Bell; she’s on an all-carb diet.

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