The Fairest Week In Review: 12/02

Mickey running

JENN: Did you sneak in any training this week?

MOON: I did! Had some time off with Christian and we ran together a few times.

JENN: Awesome!

MOON: What about you? How’s the foot?

JENN: Eh. It’s better. I do feel it’s making progress. I managed a three mile walk at a NON snail’s pace on Saturday, but I had to stop there because it was starting to feel a little weird and I didn’t want to make things worse.

I’m going to work more walks (and maybe the elliptical? Anyone like the elliptical?) into this week, then on Friday I leave for a long weekend in Puerto Rico; I’m hoping to try running after I get back.

MOON: AHH! That’s so exciting! Usually around this time of year I would be dying to take a vacation somewhere warm… but now it doesn’t feel justified… since it’s 66 degrees out today. >_>

JENN: Well, yes, but on Friday it’s supposed to be 37 degrees with the potential for snow.

MOON: Future Me will be justified on Friday, then. I hope you have a great time! Nothing will be better for a bum foot than sunshine and warm water.  🙂

JENN: Yes indeedy! We’re looking at snorkeling as a potential activity and I’m excited to maybe see some (tiny, harmless) sharks!

Pictured: A tiny, harmless shark.
(Have you seen Deep Blue Sea? It’s AMAZING.)

MOON: !!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmm. I’ll have to bug Christian about getting in the shark cage.

JENN: Story of my life.

MOON: We watched some “Blue Planet” this week. I’m not sure I’m doing myself any favors. He found the manta rays and sharks terrifying. Was also critical of open water fish and their hunting strategies.

JENN: I would LOVE to see manta rays! They’re amazing!

MOON: I knowwww! So majestic…  😀

JENN: We might also drive into the mountains and check out a rainforest. And of course my boyfriend simply must surf. Also he said something about a “Street of Pork.” Not 100% sure what that’s all about. But clearly there are many possibilities!

MOON: Hmm, well, Christian and I DID go to a Ham Museum on our last excursion… I suppose it’s only fair that you must suffer it as well, ha!

JENN: Nothing more ubiquitous or cross-culturally relevant than dead pigs.

Know what else is ubiquitous and cross-culturally relevant? The blog roundup!

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