The Fairest Week In Review: 3/10

Parks and Rec everything hurts

JENN: How was your week? Any running?

MOON: A little, not a lot. :/ It was not a good week for running. I blame the weather.

JENN: Yeah, ditto. Well, it wasn’t terrible. I did clock over 20 miles. But I only ran twice – on the snow day my gym shut down at noon and I was more interested in sleep. But I figure that’s okay – it gave me time to rest my knee. It’s still not 100%, but it’s getting better!

I did still take my usual two ballet classes per week, though, so at least I wasn’t a total sloth!

MOON: I’ve also been moving, so my body is currently protesting to all movement in general.

JENN: I’m actually – if you can believe such a crazy thing – excited for warmer weather so I can run outside. I’m still not completely sold on the outdoors, but I like having the option to go out in the morning before work and get my run out of the way early.

MOON: Me too!! I just want to be in the suuuun.

JENN: Oh, yeah, the move! How’s that going? Will you have a gym at your new place?

MOON: Hm, so there is a gym nearby, but I will have to join one. There is a yoga place not far from our new home, so I’m excited to try that out, too!

JENN: Awesome – that’s always good for the muscles.

And good for the brain? The roundup!

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