The Fairest Week In Review: 8/04

Riker runs

JENN: Did you run last week?

MOON: I did! Although, you know how there is this one week of every month that makes running just a bit more difficult? That was the only bummer.

JENN: You mean mentally? Or in terms of making time for it? Or both?

MOON: Well, it’s consistent, usually unpredictable, moody, bring some serious cramps.

JENN: AHA. I see where we are now.

MOON: I get some serious cramping and back pain, so it was definitely a factor this week. Anywayyyy.

I’m positive that my girl ran last week. How were your runs?

JENN: Not too shabby. Pretty standard in many ways but for my last run of the week I had BRAND NEW RUNNING SHOES! I will write a post detailing my experiences but for now let us just say that major changes were made – and I never even touched a pair of Ravenna 6s!

MOON: Exciting! Pssssttt. I know what they look like!!

JENN: Haha, you do!Also, if you’re looking to trap yourself a cat, I can guarantee success with a new shoe box.

Dig my new Air Ruffians.

MOON: My cat is in a box right now. Believe me, it works!

JENN: You know what else works? The roundup.

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