The Fairest Week In Review: 9/15

Princess Bride

JENN: Did you run last week after our collective week of rest?

MOON: Once?? I will not bore the internet with my tales of working FOREVER ALL THE TIME. I know that you ran, though!! ❤

JENN: Hey, once is better than nothing!

Yup, but very gently – I did four 5 mile runs a very easy pace indeed. Pleasant, but not very rigorous. To a purpose, though, as I was prepping for the Parks Half Marathon on Sunday. More on that later this week. But… SPOILER ALERT: Nailed it!

MOON: Haha, yay! And! You got to do it on a beautiful morning. I was seriously jealous.

JENN: It was indeed a great day for running! Not so much for standing around, though; I was so glad I asked Pat to bring me a sweatshirt at the finish. Plus my finisher’s medal doubles as a bottle stopper, so there’s that.You signed up for anything yet?

MOON: Umm, no? No. My vision for the future isn’t reaching past the end of the day right now. O.o November, though! I know there’s a race I’ll do then.

JENN: Awesome! So no more Baltimore Marathon?

MOON: It’s not going to happen. I’m way too busy.

JENN: Awww. Well, we’ll have to find one to do together!

MOON: Yes, this sounds like a nice plan. ☺

JENN: Indeed! Also nice: the roundup.

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