The Fairest Week In Review: 12/15

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JENN: All right! What’s the latest on your hip? Is it treating you better?

MOON: I tried running again last night! It only mildly hurts today. So I figure I don’t run today, maybe try again tomorrow!

JENN: Seems like a wise plan. Not bothering you in every day life, then?

MOON: Only when moving quickly. XD And sleeping on that side is still really uncomfortable.

How’s your Achilles tendon?

JENN: Eh. I mean, it’s kinda better. It doesn’t bother me much if at all when walking. Running or – God forbid – trying to take a ballet class, though…

I’m getting a little worried; the WDW Marathon is less than a month away now. If I don’t see marked improvement soon I may have to just stop exercising beyond walking at ALL for a week or so and see if that does it. Which I know I maybe should have done already, but not exercising gives me anxiety. O.o

MOON: Yeah, I hear you. Yikes. What’s the longest run you’ve had since it started bothering you?

JENN: Haha. Um. 13 miles. It was supposed to be 18, okay? I CUT BACK.

MOON: Ha! Well, the bright side is this: You’ve got PLENTY of time to finish the WDW Marathon. Worst thing to happen? You have to walk a portion of it.

JENN: This is 100% true. (Mostly.) But I don’t WANT to. :/

MOON: I knnnnnow. What about your winter show? Has that happened yet?

JENN: The ballet show? Yeah, that was last month. It was fine. I danced through it. Been cutting back since then, though, as ballet as pretty demanding on the foot/ankle. I haven’t been doing any jumps or rises on my right foot. There’s no ballet for two weeks during winter break, so that’ll help with the resting thing.

Dancing is very demanding.

Anyone have any advice for an angry Achilles?

Other than that, all I can do is distract myself with the roundup:

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