The Fairest Week In Review: 1/21

Not sure if injured

Just Jenn this week – Moon has been a busy bee. I have a HUGE backlog of links for the roundup, though, so I’m forging ahead despite the fact that I was on the Beltway for SEVEN HOURS last night. I know it was snowing, people, but GET IT TOGETHER.

Hmm? What? My training? Oh. Well. The week after the marathon I pretty much took off. I’ve started running again, but given that my Achilles injury has being holding me back for a couple months I want to make sure I ease in rather than immediately start doing speed runs and virtual halves.

The end result is, of course, the third month in a row when I won’t be hitting 100 miles total. This used to be unheard of. Positively unthinkable. And I can’t say it isn’t messing with my mind a little. BUT. I am holding to my gentle ramp up plan because I am forcing myself to recognize that it’s more important to ease my transition.

The good news is that my Achilles hasn’t been bugging me at all! Hooray! Here’s hoping the trend continues and I’ll be pumping out ten milers again next month.

And now for the real reason we’re all here: the roundup.

– Lots of marathon talk and recaps from The Disney Tourist Blog, From Dancing to Running, Elbowglitter, Fairytales and Fitness, and Live Run Grow to name a few. (If I missed yours, sound off in the comments!)
Back at Square Zero talks running goal selection.
Peanut Butter Fingers rounds up some great fitness apps.
The Disney Blog eats ALL THE JUNK FOOD.
The Disney Hipsters share their feelings on the Wishes dessert party.
Walt Disney World for Grownups gets up early at WDW.
Parkeology brings us the latest news from Captain Admiral EO.

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