The Fairest Week In Review: 9/28

Strong Bad race

Given that I was on vacation last week, I have a behemoth of a two-week workout log ahead of me. And so do you. Let’s get to it!

Sunday, Sept 10 | ran 12.98 miles outside in 2:07 (Parks Half Marathon) and an additional 4.12 miles outside in 48 minutes

Monday, Sept 11 | rest
I planned to go for a walk but work was busy and then I had an eye doctor appointment and I ran 17 miles the day before so whatever.

Tuesday, Sept 12 | walked 2.05 miles outside in 35 minutes???; 70 minute ballet class
My GPS went off on a complete bender and started giving me ridiculous numbers like an 11-minute mile (again, while WALKING), so I turned it off and guesstimated based on my usual routes.

Wednesday, Sept 13 | ran 5.45 miles outside in 60 minutes

Thursday, Sept 14 | walked 2.48 miles outside in 40 minutes; 70 minute ballet class

Friday, Sept 15 | ran 7.06 miles outside in 1:15

Sat, Sept 16 | rest

Sun, Sept 17 | rest
Commence vacationing!

Monday, Sept 18 | ran 3.27 miles outside in 30 minutes
Commence vacation running! And it went SO DARN WELL. It was just a flat road, but every run was magically speedy. Ah, vacation.

Tuesday, Sept 19 | ran 3.24 miles outside in 30 minutes

Wednesday, Sept 20 | ran 3.34 miles outside in 30 minutes

Thursday, Sept 21 | ran 3.27 miles outside in 30 minutes

Friday, Sept 22 | 90 minutes of horseback riding!!!
Pat got me a gift certificate for horseback riding in the Outer Banks for my birthday last year, and we finally cashed in. My horse was named Blaze and we trotted on the beach and it was amazing. Also we were all bitten by every mosquito since the dawn of time, which was not awesome, but I hear nothing in life is free, so.

Saturday, Sept 23 | rest

Sunday, Sept 24 | rest
Spent the day cramped in the back of a gigantic Ford Expedition. And now I’m back home and not on vacation. Boo. šŸ™

I’m gonna cap it here since this has gone on so long already. Less log-heavy, more fun weeks in review return next week!

Now for the always fun roundup:

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Disney Adulting assembles a list of all of Disney parks’ pumpkin spice treats.
The Main Street Gazette ruminates on the importance of tiny details when establishing a park’s theme.
Disney Nerds has the tips and tricks to snag a top score on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

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