In Which Jenn Runs With Short Hair(!)

Jenn with long hair

I have had long hair for the better part of two decades. For the last 10 years especially, I mean long – like almost-to-my-butt long. And I like it like that! It feels very me. I call it my Fairy Princess Hair.

Well, I don’t have it any more. I hacked it all off last week.

WHY??? you scream, flecks of spittle hitting your monitor as you shake it with fearful rage.

… Okay, maybe you don’t care about my hair as much as I do, for some reason. But since you asked, I donated it! It is now in possession of Lolly’s Locks, an organization that assembles quality wigs for adult cancer patients who can’t afford to buy such a thing on their own. And that’s why all this happened:

Long hair

None of this has anything directly to do with running – but it’s more impactful than you might think. Namely, there’s the question of how to handle my hair during runs.

The standard go-to running gal hairstyle, the faithful ponytail, has been a firm no for me for most of my running career. My hair was so dang lengthy that a ponytail served only to lash at my back and get stuck to my sweaty face and neck. No thank you. I played around with pigtail braids for awhile there, especially for races, before giving up and jamming it into a bun atop my head. (For runDisney races I like to slap a Minnie ear headband in front to distract from the madness.)

Well, no more. Now my hair is too short to make it into a real bun. At best I can manage a sort of sad half-twist. So I’m back to ponytails, against all odds.

In some ways, this ponytail has served to be a bit of an annoyance. It doesn’t smack me around anymore – it can’t reach – but it does have a habit of thumping against the back of my head. And it can be pretty tough to gather it all together in a single ‘tail, leaving little escaped bits falling out at the bottom. But the extra coolness around my neck area is an admitted plus for summer, and I suffer less tangling so far. Call it a wash, I guess?

I’m sure hair management will be an ongoing project as it slowly lengthens again. In the meantime, any suggestions?

How do you deal with your hair for runs?

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  1. It looks really cute short! After I cut mine off to donate a few years ago I had a tough time managing it for running/workouts. Headbands were a thing for a long time, and then pigtails, and then braids as it got longer. I'm a big fan of the french braid with hat combo now that my hair is long again. Hopefully you figure out what works for you soon!

  2. I used pigtails for a race this weekend and it worked out well! I mean, they were still kinda sweaty, but at least I had everything out of my way.

  3. My hair is getting longer and I'm thinking about growing it long enough so I can donate it. But yes, I have definitely thought about how this will affect my hair when I run! haha

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