Jenn with long hair

In Which Jenn Runs With Short Hair(!)

I have had long hair for the better part of two decades. For the last 10 years especially, I mean long – like almost-to-my-butt long. And I like it like that! It feels very me. I call it my Fairy Princess Hair. Well, I don’t have it any more. I hacked it all off last week. WHY??? you scream, flecks of spittle hitting your monitor as you shake it with fearful rage. … Okay, maybe you don’t care about my hair as much as I do, for some reason. But since you asked, I donated it! It is now in possession...

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Mulan bath

In Which Jenn Reviews Cruelty-Free Products

I alluded to this in my last round of random product reviews, but to make it official: a couple years ago I went strictly cruelty-free when it comes to makeup. Medical testing, in my opinion, is a separate ethical debate, but I see absolutely no reason why we should make animals suffer purely for the purposes making select portions of my face a different color. I just don’t need it. Mind you, I do sometimes want it, and luckily there are plenty of cruelty-free companies out there who can help me out. My personal code is that if a company is cruelty-free but its...

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In Which Jenn Has Lots Of Opinions

I have two modes: I don’t know you that well so I’m not gonna talk much and HERE ARE MY OPINIONS ABOUT EVERYTHING. Since you’re reading this, my blog, presumably of your own free will and with at least a passing interest in my inner workings, allow me to present: a bunch of opinions.  A couple notes. First, the below items are included because I feel that a mini-review might be of some assistance to like-minded folk. I am not going into any great depth, but if you’d like a more exhaustive report, leave a comment and I’ll either expand the topic...

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In Which Jenn Has A Sweaty Hair Epiphany

Several years ago I read a supposed statistic that something like 50% of women don’t work out because they don’t want to mess up their hair. Now, I don’t know if that’s a ridiculous fabrication or an equally ridiculous truth, but I CAN tell you that I recently had a Workout + Hair Epiphany. It happened when my roommate joined the legion of people, both Real Life- and Media-Based, that insist that you shouldn’t wash your hair more than, max, three times a week. It strips your hair of necessary oils and what have you and you’ll have a...

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