The Fairest Week In Review: 11/07

Cinderella Castle


I just got back from Walt Disney World.

I am not happy.

Not that I’m being melodramatic about it or anything.

But I am happy about my newest WDW memories, which are by and large magnificent and include some truly marvelous miles. Trip report forthcoming, of course! And at least I can comfort myself with the knowledge that in a mere two months I’ll be back for my beloved WDW Marathon.

The workout log generally comes next, but since it was the lovely rest week after the Marine Corps Marathon I feel you’ll find it less than stimulating. Feel free to skip it if you want.

Sunday | Marine Corps Marathon – ran 26.2 miles outside in 4:53

Monday | 55 minute ballet class

Tuesday | rest
My knee was bugging me just a bit, so I elected to skip even walking in an effort to speed its convalescence.

Wednesday | rest

 Thursday | walked 2.37 miles outside in 40 minutes
Cautiously. Then I skipped ballet so I could drive over to my parents’ house in anticipation of leaving for WDW in the morning. 😀 😀 😀

Friday | walked around WDW!

Saturday | Wine & Dine 10K – ran 6.34 miles in 1:24

And now on to the roundup, which will be lots more interesting, I promise.

 – Just Me & My Running Shoes reflects on past race mistakes.
– Disney Travel Babble continues a Disneyland Paris trip report.
– easyWDW has the scoop on the Magic Kingdom’s holiday decorations.
– Disney Adulting lays out a full adults-at-Disney trip itinerary.
– Kait Around The Kingdom takes on Epcot at night.

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