In Which Jenn Doesn’t Like One Part Of The WDW Marathon

WDW Marathon

Time was when my least favorite part of the Walt Disney World Marathon was the Wide World of Sports.

It’s roundabouts miles 17 – 21, so, already you’re tired. Although a “park” of sorts, it’s no proper theme park. And as you enter the area, you run up against the people exiting the area, and you know they’re like four miles ahead of you. Screw those guys!

Minnie WDW Marathon
Not you, Minnie. You’re cool.

But as I age, so do I soften. No, just kidding. I haven’t softened, I’ve just shifted my hatred.

Wide World of Sports is now pretty okay in my book. It’s still no Animal Kingdom at sunrise, but I like the athlete characters and the baseball stadium and the weirdly spaced comics. I’ll take it.

What do I really hate now instead? Where is my WDW Marathon low point?

It’s hella early. It’s the area right after you exit the Magic Kingdom.

But that’s only like mile 7, you say! There are plenty of resorts and your spirits should still be pretty high, you say!

Okay, first of all, you can barely see the resorts. A couple entrances and maybe some glimpses of the monorail, but that’s it. A golf course (yawn).

And then those guys in suits by the wedding pavilion, for some reason. I assume it’s near the wedding pavilion but you can’t really see it so who knows. Anyway, why are they there? Wait, does ABC air The Bachelor? That’s a dumb crossover.

Not pictured: the sanitation center.

Where was I? Oh yes. Second of all, you know as you leave MK you have several miles until you hit the next fun part (DAK!) and that just reminds you that, oh, frick, big picture: you have SO. MANY. MILES. LEFT. SO MANY!!!!

So that’s when my morale dips lowest. That’s my wall. I get it out of the way early. I drag it with me past the sewage treatment plant.

But then I get to the outskirts of DAK and see my buddy Fezzik the bunny and hurtle into the park to Cast Members banging on pots and cheering for us and I am happy again. This race is my favorite.

But mile 7 can suck it.

P.S. Thank you for those happy few who choose to spectate and cheer in this area. I NEED YOU.

What’s your least favorite part of the WDW Marathon? Do you hit a wall? Are you horrified by how quickly I hit mine?

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