In Which Jenn Eats An Enormous Cookie Sandwich

Mara cookie sandwich

Am I the best person to review The Mara? I’ll just come out and say it: I’ve had zebra domes and I think they’re… fine.

Mind you, that was almost a decade ago now; maybe my tastebuds misremember. But all I can recall about my zebra dome experience is that it was tasty enough but underwhelming after all the hype.

So when I found myself at The Mara, the Animal Kingdom Lodge food court, perusing the bakery case for a post-marathon* treat, I did not first go to the refrigerator case for zebra domes. I was after bigger fish. Sorry, not fish; SUGAR.

Although there were many interesting cupcakes and such to be had, my eye was on the Kudu Cookie, a massive confection stuffed with my number one favorite food: FROSTING. (No joke, my favorite food is frosting. FIGHT ME.)

The Disney menu describes this spectacular confection as a butterscotch cashew cookie with vanilla buttercream. Close, but you forgot an important note, Disney: it’s a butterscotch cookie SANDWICH. There are two of those babies, dipped in white chocolate and garnished with a dark chocolate piece.

So we know it looks spectacular. But the taste? It is unabashed SUGAR. An assault of the sugar senses. If you do not like sweet things, you will NOT enjoy this. I do, so I did, with an important caveat: as I often complain, I thought the ratios were off. The cookies, while of pleasant texture, were maybe a bit too hefty and crunchy for the frosting, of which there was not enough. But then I never think there’s enough frosting. Next time I’ll just bring a can.

Overall it was a pleasant experience for your friendly neighborhood dessert monster, but if I came back I’d try something else. Nyala peanut butter brownie, I’m coming for you!

* I wound up eating it immediately upon getting back to my room. Sue me.

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