Wrightsville Beach Marathon Madness

In Which Jenn Is About To Tackle Marathon #13

Okaaaay! So. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this. I have a marathon coming up on Saturday. Wrightsville Beach Marathon go-round number 2. But it’s not just any marathon. It’s my ceremonial marathon #13. And 13, as you may not know, is one of my lucky numbers!* Unrelated. So will this be my lucky marathon? Well I’ll tell ya… I don’t know. Pro: It’s supposed to be a runner-friendly mid-to-upper-50s for most of the race. Con: But it’s also supposed to rain the night before, so some parts of the course could be wet/muddy. Pro: My IT band has been behaving itself of late! (Knock...

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The Fairest Week In Review: 3/07

Welcome back to our recurring winter themed weekly recap: Jenn Is Cold. Here’s another cold weather running tip! I ran into a lot of trouble with my phone battery dying in the cold a couple years ago. It was recommended that I use my body heat to keep my phone warm, but easier said than done when pockets large enough for a phone tend to be the outermost layer, right? Pants and jackets are where I’ve mostly found them. Fine if it, like, kinda cold, but less helpful when the temperature dips below 25 degrees. So here’s what I’ve been...

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Iron Chef

In Which Jenn Eats Morimoto Street Food

I’m so sorry, friends. I pulled the old bait-and-switch on you. But don’t take it out of Morimoto Street Food; the fault lies exclusively with me. The afternoon of my Disney Springs adventure I polled the Twitter audience: where should I eat lunch? D-Luxe Burger or Jock Lindsey’s? But before I could determine a winner I found myself suddenly, desperately post-marathon hungry, so I ducked into the first restaurant in my area that piqued my interest. Enter: Morimoto Street Food. I’ve had an eye on this location for some time, but a shinier penny – usually a table-service restaurant – has always...

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Minnie Ears

In Which Jenn May Have A Minor Minnie Ears Obsession

Sooooo I seem to have developed a Minnie Ears problem. It all started innocently enough. All I did was wander into Epcot’s Mouse Gears gift shop to pick up an ear hat for Pat’s niece. After some deliberation, I selected the pink version with Minnie Mouse in the patch, and had her name embroidered on the back. All according to plan. While I was waiting for the embroidery to finish, though, I was drawn by a siren’s song to the rack of ear headbands. This was still back in the day when Minnie ears were in their nascent stages, and I...

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