In Which Jenn Tries Out… Rest Days??

Sleepy Cinderella

Hey, remember that hip issue I was having last year? And I barely ran all December and showed up to the Goofy Challenges KT-Taped to high heavens but somehow escaped with no pain and thought I’d beaten the issue? WELL IT’S BACK.

So I’m taking a rest week. This is an uncomfortable time to take a rest week, as in the current social distancing climate my runs are some of my only real opportunities to be outside. But my hip was really bothering me, so no running for me all week.

And I came to a realization. After we moved to Puerto Rico last year my race scheduled screamed to a halt – we were just finding our footing, culturally, geographically, and especially financially. Races aren’t much of a thing here and I didn’t want to take out the time and money to fly to the mainland for races.

This year I did (/do, knock on wood) have a handful of races to look forward to, but my spring marathon was cancelled; I’m scarcely any better off than I was last year from a race perspective.

What’s this got to do with injuries, you ask? Well. Usually I only take rest days after races. After marathons I take a full week, and after half marathons I take half to a full week off too.

In 2018, with a steady stream of races in rotation, I would’ve had around 6 rest weeks.

In 2019, I had 2 rest weeks, in January and March, and then… none. Cue hip injury.

This year, I took a week and a half off in January after the Goofy Challenge… and nothing since then. I DID recently knock out two practice halves and now here I am, with my hip injury back.

MAYBE, just MAYBE, I need to factor in rest weeks even when I DON’T have races.

And MAYBE, despite these very unfortunate circumstances where NO ONE gets to do a proper race, you should consider a rest week too. It may seem counterintuitive, considering the forced confinement of our quarantine predicament, but your body only knows the pavement it pounded. Now might be the time to give it a break, you know?

When was your last prolonged rest period?

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  1. I relate to this so much – I do think rest days are important but running is one of the only things that feels "normal" right now. I did struggle a lot after my 10 mile run last weekend, and so many people recommended taking a break. I begrudingly took a short one (10 miles on Sunday, then did 4 on Thursday. I normally run Tuesdays as well so it felt weird!). I hope the rest helps you.

  2. It's so tough! I'm gonna try to run again tomorrow and I want to do 9 miles. Pat's insistent I only do 5 in case my hip is still sad but I wanna do 9!!!!

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