In Which Jenn’s Race Is On! (Mostly)

Race is on

Hey! I actually get to run an in-person race!

Remember when I had the audacity to put together a race schedule for 2020? I was so young and full of hope. Which of course turned out to be stupid and everything is cancelled, including some of my early 2021 races. Boo.

Happily, there is one light on the near horizon – the Battleship Half Marathon in Wilmington is ON!

Well, mostly. I was originally signed up to do the 5K on Saturday and then half on Sunday, but the 5K has indeed been cancelled. It was apparently in conjunction with a veteran’s parade the same day which is no longer happening; my guess is they were sharing road permits. What can ya do.

The amazing thing, though, is that anyone who signed up for the 5K has the option of upgrading to a Sunday event OR – get this – receiving a refund! And the people who were doing one of the 5K challenges gets a REFUND! I get a REFUND! I totally understand how some race organizations don’t have the resources for refunds but it’s so nice that they’re able to do that.

So now there’s a half marathon and a 10K on Sunday. Oh, and a marathon – they added a marathon, since they’re now doing a looping course. I was tempted to upgrade (they said it’s the only time they’re going to do it and you know how runners love that kind of thing), but I’m gonna stick with the half. Assuming the Rival Half happens (oh God please let it happen), I REALLY need a proof of time for corral placement.

That, and as one of the precautionary anti-COVID measures, there will be NO spectators allowed. A marathon with a quadruple loop course and no spectators? Pass. Additional precautions include required masks when near others and a graduated course start where only 45 participants are released per wave. And no after party, of course.

So yeah! The race is on! But you know what isn’t? My flights. A couple days before race confirmation Spirit emailed me to inform me my flights had been cancelled. Okay, fine. I went on their website to rebook… and they have NO flights at ALL until two weeks after I need to leave. Sweet. Now I’m paying twice as much to fly AA. Hooray!

But whatever. I’m running a race! A real race! LET’S GO FAST FAST ZOOM ZOOM RUNNING

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