Let’s Give This Run Streak Thing Another Try

I am not a run streak girl.* Not historically. So far, I want to say my run streak record is… six days in a row? I’ve definitely done that on vacation.

* In case you are a Disney person but not a running person, a run streak means that you run a bunch of days consecutively. You don’t have to be naked while you do it.

Oh yes, I run on vacation, which is how we’re going to neatly tie this all together: this year, I’ve spending two weeks in Ocean City, and I dearly love a boardwalk run. It it one of my greatest vacation pleasures to hop out of bed and knock out a quick and easy 5K on the boardwalk, only to come back to zero obligations beyond a shower and a beach read nap. The best!

Boardwalk Candy Kitchen - site of my run streak triumph?

So I have two choices: with no less than 13 potential boardwalk running mornings available to me, I can either choose a few rest days… or not.

I choose Or Not.

Thus I embark upon a personal challenge next week:

My Longest Run Streak Ever.

Number of days? 13. (One of my lucky numbers!)

Number of miles each day? An easy three! (But I reserve the right to dial this back by a mile or two if circumstances require. I hope they don’t, though!)

Goals? Don’t hurt yourself. No need to run fast! In fact, with 13 days in the offing, slow is ideal.

Coffee and breakfast right after? You know it!

Follow along on my Instagram stories? Do it!

Check back here in a couple weeks to find out how my run streak went, and wish me luck – you never know when I might need it!

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